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IMPORTANT: Due to the sheer volume of submissions our editorial team receives, there is a 2 to 3-month waiting period for articles to be published.


Submissions are carefully reviewed and fact-checked by Pinned’s editorial team. Due to the high volume of submissions and limited resources, editorial reviews and replies to submissions anywhere between 1 to 3 weeks. Please also note that our editorial team is not available to respond to queries and submissions on weekends.

We aim for high-quality content that inspires, engages, and drives people. We accept submissions covering all locations in the Philippines – not just Metro Manila – and a wide range of lifestyle-centered topics: fitness, travel, food, and events.

We do not accept submissions that are associated, no matter how lightly, with politics, controversy, and gossip/ entertainment.

Submissions must be based on the author’s first-hand experience, especially for travel and food pieces.

Please make sure your topic has not yet been written before by Pinned or its contributors. Use the search tool on our website.

To prevent issues with duplication, we restrict resubmission of articles to other websites before our Editorial Team sends you a letter of approval or rejection. Should you wish to withhold or withdraw your article, kindly inform us through our email address:

Contributors whose work are selected for posting on Pinned are discouraged from submitting the same article or video to other websites at all. 


Please send your articles to All articles must be attached with the email, in MS Word format, as a .doc or .docx file. Include at least 5 original photos taken by you. All photos should be in a Google Drive folder. We will no longer accept articles wherein photos are mailed as attachment.

Make sure to give us editing access to the folder, so we can download.

Kindly include captions for photos in the word file.

We also accept articles without photos, as long as they are your original work.

Please indicate on the email subject the article’s main category, its title, and your name.

Main categories for submissions are travel, food, fitness, and events.

The format for the subject line should be: Main category: Article title – your name

Here are sample subject lines:

Food: X Ice Cream Artisans in Metro Manila – Juan Dela Cruz

Travel: 10 Family-Friendly Destinations in Davao – Juan Dela Cruz

Events: Sinulog Festival 2020 Set To Happen On January – Juan Dela Cruz

IMPORTANT: Submission does not guarantee approval. Likewise, we do not guarantee publication for pitched topics that are approved by the editorial team. Topics, like the body/ content of articles, are always subject to approval of Pinned’s editorial team. Articles that do not pass the editorial criteria will be rejected.

Once accepted, articles may also be edited according to the team’s discretion. Pinned editors reserve the right to edit and/ or restructure articles or ask writers for revisions as they see fit. Writers have the option to refuse revisions and not have their work published on Pinned.


Contributors whose work is not selected will be notified within 4-6 weeks from submission. These submissions will not be posted on The contributor reserves the right to submit his article to other publications.

Contributors whose work passes the criteria for posting will be notified, and will be posted on the site. They will receive payment in their nominated bank accounts within 15 to 21 business days from the date of publishing. Contributors retain the byline.

Payments are only through over-the-counter bank payments to local banks. We do not offer online bank transfer. We also do not cater to payments through GCash, Smart Padala, Paypal, Paymaya, LBC, Palawan, Cebuana, and similar payment modes.

If you do not have a local bank account, you may assign someone else’s bank account, and Pinned will deposit payment to that account.

Contributor rates for article submissions are as follows:

  • 500-word article with at least 5 of the author’s original photos – PHP1,500
  • 500-word article without photos or have photos that do not belong to the author – PHP800
  • 500-word article with photos but whose photos do not pass editorial criteria – P800

Note that we only pay for original photos that were taken by the writers themselves. If you sent stock photos from external sources like Pexels, Pixabay, Unsplash, and others and they are used for your article, they will not paid. This is to be fair to contributors who spent effort, time, skills, and tools in capturing their own photos for their articles.

IMPORTANT: Submission does not guarantee approval. Topics, like the body or content of articles, are always subject to approval of Pinned’s editorial team. Articles that do not pass the editorial criteria will be rejected.

Once accepted, articles may also be edited according to the team’s discretion. Pinned editors reserve the right to edit and/ or restructure articles or ask writers for revisions as they see fit. Writers have the option to refuse revisions and not have their work published on Pinned.


Word count: Keep the word count at 500 words minimum; maximum of 1,000 words.

Avoid fluff and long and winding paragraphs. Keep in mind that most readers use mobile and want pieces that are substantial, straightforward and easy to read.

For listicles, guides, and features on establishments (restos, hotels, fitness centers, etcetera), make sure each establishment has these important details in the end:

The Essentials

  • Business name:
  • Address:
  • Contact/ phone number:
  • Operating hours:
  • FB page link:
  • Google maps link:
  • How to get there:

For listicles, kindly include at least 3 to 4 main items in your list.

Travel and food guides should preferably contain sample itinerary, expenses, insider tips, things to do, attractions, and nice-to-know details.

Photos: We accept photos taken using either cameras or mobile phones, provided that they are high-quality, high-resolution submissions. Pixelated photos shall not be approved.

Author byline: All submissions must include a short bio of the author (100 words or less) and a high-resolution photo of the contributor (sent as separate attachment, not embedded in a doc file). Kindly place your bio at the end of your article.

Sources: We require contributors to indicate sources in their articles as applicable (e.g. data, websites). They must be hyperlinked to a specific anchor text or phrase, and not typed out as a URL.

Author credits: By submitting to Pinned, owners agree that photos will be credited to them but that may edit as needed and will place the official logo on the photos.


Spelling and grammar: We follow US English for all pieces and the Associated Press (AP) style of writing. You may refer to the AP style guide here:

Approach: Please keep in mind that most of Pinned’s readers are Filipinos. You may angle your articles based on reader personality (e.g.  10 Best Places in Luzon for Brokenhearted People), time period (e.g. 4D/3N Itinerary for Palawan), or any theme as you see fit.

Language and tone: Articles must be written in a light, casual, and friendly tone. Articles that contain and promote foul language and topics will not be accepted. This includes but is not limited to expletives, racism, homophobia, and the like.

Writers are encouraged to be as unique as they want to be, provided that all guidelines are adhered to.

TOPICS accepts contributions and features covering a diverse range of topics in the following areas:


  • Fitness centers, spas, and other wellness destinations
  • Fitspirational personalities (e.g. fitness ambassadors, yoga instructors, body builders)
  • Outdoor activities and enthusiasts (e.g. wall climbing, mountaineers, rock climbing, kitesurfing)
  • Yoga
  • Diet plans and/ or diet meal providers
  • Eco-friendly living

·         HACKS AND TIPS

  • Promos and deals on travel, food, fitness, and events
  • How-to articles, life hacks, and tips relating to travel, fitness, events, and food (e.g. how to save up on hotel accommodations, how to make the best of buffets)

·         TRAVEL

  • Upcoming destinations
  • Hotel reviews
  • Outdoor and backpacking adventures
  • Beaches and islands
  • Museums and art galleries
  • Solo, group, or family-friendly escapes
  • Luxury travel (e.g. all-inclusive resorts)
  • Romantic or couple getaways
  • Tours and itineraries
  • Travel guides
  • Tourism campaigns (e.g. DOT, local, travel advocacy)

·         FOOD

  • Speakeasy/ bars
  • Beer brewery
  • Restaurants
  • Food makers
  • Hole-in-the-wall dining places
  • Food tours
  • Artisanal products (cookies/ pastries ice cream)
  • Local and international food places
  • Buffets
  • Restaurant reviews

·         EVENTS

  • Gigs and concerts
  • Music and cultural festivals
  • Art and book fairs
  • Trade shows, fairs, and expos
  • Photo exhibits
  • Football events

Note: Events articles must be about upcoming events. We don’t accept post-event coverage.


Reader comments: Contributors are free to reply to comments on their articles, photos, or videos. However, please refrain from engaging with trolls.

Social media sharing: Once published, contributors are welcome to promote and share their work on on their personal social media accounts. However, we discourage contributors from sharing snippets of their work prior to publishing.

Submission to other publications and websites: To prevent issues with duplicate content, contributors are not allowed to resubmit articles and photos that have been published by Pinned to other publications and websites.

Plagiarism: We take plagiarism seriously at Pinned. Thus, we employ tools in reviewing all submissions to ensure they are the contributor’s original work. If a contributor is found to have submitted plagiarized content, his/ her work will not be selected for publishing.

In instances where a contributor’s work has been published on Pinned but was found to be duplicate or plagiarized content, Pinned will immediately take down the post and the contributor will not receive payment for his/her submission. 

Pinned reserves the right to reject submitted work that does not follow any of the guidelines stated above.

By submitting your work to Pinned, you agree to the terms and conditions above.