This Store Boasts the “Creamiest Halo-Halo in the Solar System”

Halokay Ube. Photo by Bebang HaloHalo.

Many brands have claimed to offer the best halo-halo in X destination, but have you encountered one that boasts “the creamiest halo-halo in the solar system”?

A halo-halo shop in San Juan does – and judging by the rave reviews, it seems it’s not all talk.

Buko Pandan. Photo by Bebang HaloHalo.

Promising a halo-halo experience “like you never tasted before”, Bebang HaloHalo’s creamy take on the beloved homegrown cold dessert ups the ante by guaranteeing no ice chunks. Instead, they use frozen, then shaven, full cream milk, so even if it thaws, it doesn’t taste bland or diluted – which is usually the case when you don’t eat your halo-halo immediately.

Halo Halo Special. Photo by Bebang HaloHalo.

The ingredients are prepared fresh upon ordering to ensure the texture is like how you would enjoy a freshly made one at home. Ingredients vary depending on the halo-halo you order, which currently come in three variants – Halokay Ube, Halo Halo Special, and Halo Halo Presidential – all available in 16 oz cups.

Halo Halo Presidential. Photo by Bebang HaloHalo.

The Halo Halo Presidential is considered their bestseller, consisting of 11 of the best handpicked ingredients from the original halo-halo version. There’s nata, banana cinnamon, langka, special macapuno, pinipig (rice crispies), corn kernels, sago, pandan jelly, and of course, leche flan and ube halaya on top. 

Aside from the signature halo-halo, they also offer 8 other cold desserts (also in 16oz cups):

11 smooth and creamy desserts to choose from. Photo by Bebang HaloHalo.
  • Buko Pandan
  • Melon
  • Mango Graham Caramel
  • Mango Classic
  • Mais Con Yelo
  • Choco Mallows
  • Cookie Crumble 
  • Icy Coffee
Icy Coffee. Photo by Bebang HaloHalo.

Prices and ordering

Mango Graham Caramel. Photo by Bebang HaloHalo.

The Halo Halo Presidential can be purchased for P168, while the Melon, Halokay Ube, and Buko Pandan are available at P158. The Mango Graham Caramel costs P148. Halo Halo Special and Mango Classic costs P128. Everything else is P108 each.

Delivery and money back guarantee

Cookie Crumble. Photo by Bebang HaloHalo.

Orders can be placed via Facebook. You can send them a Facebook message to inquire or purchase. Bebang HaloHalo delivers to most areas in Metro Manila, and each order comes with a “delivered frozen or your money back” guarantee. If your halo halo arrived melted at your doorstep, Bebang HaloHalo will provide a full refund.

Melon. Photo by Bebang HaloHalo.

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