Take Your Adventure to the Next Level in the Philippines’ Biggest Safari Park

Photo by Cebu Safari and Adventure Park

The “Cebu Safari and Adventure Park” is the biggest safari park in the Philippines. It is owned by Michel J. Lhuillier, the famous tycoon behind M. Lhuillier. It opened its doors in 2017 in the province of Carmen, Cebu. It houses many world-class animals in its 170-hectare property and also includes a zipline for those who want to take their adventure to the next level.

If you’re curious about visiting the park, learn about everything you need to know in the park.

The vicinity and tickets

The park is situated on a mountain that is quite far from Cebu City. The path going to the park goes through an uphill route. The park is surrounded by greenery, and has a feel that’s similar to that of Baguio City. For those who are bringing their own car, there are plenty of parking space.

Photo by Cebu Safari and Adventure Park

Once you’re settled, proceed to the base camp where you can decide which type of ticket to purchase. Normal rate is P800 for adults and P400 for kids (2 to 3ft.). The ricket price goes up as you add more attractions. My family and I opted for the ticket that included the white lion show. Upon paying the ticket, you will be given a wristband which you need to wear during the duration of your visit.


Photo by Cebu Safari and Adventure Park

On site you’ll find a map which shows you places of interest to visit. This includes the following suggested routes: Michel’s Garden, Tiger Turf, Orangutown, African Savannah, Safari Outpost and Rotonda. Since our ticket included the White Lion Safari, we needed to go to the topmost area of the park, where the lions can be found.

We didn’t follow the routes that’s why we missed Michel’s Garden. Instead, we immediately visited the African Savannah which houses crocodiles, tortoises, hyena, cheetahs, and giraffes.

The White Lion Show which started at 11:30 a.m. Once in line, you will be escorted inside a well-protected vehicle, which will take you to the White Lion Safari.

Safari. Photo by Cebu Safari and Adventure Park

The Bird Show comes next. This is one of the most-awaited attractions in the park. You’ll be able to witness intelligent birds on stage, with most of them coming from Rio de Janeiro. They really put on a very impressive show! You’ll also get the chance to see the Philippine Eagle flying in action at the end of the show.

Next stop was the Tiger Turf. This is undoubtedly a park favorite for many. The tigers here look majestic in their striped coats. From here, you may spend the rest of your time going around the areas you haven’t covered yet.


Food and beverages on site are quite expensive, so I suggest you bring your own bottled water and snacks.

The park is massive, and it might take you 5 hours or more to finish the entire route. It is best to wear comfortable shoes and wear, as you will be doing a lot of walking. Although the park has safari tram rides which can carry you to different points, it is recommended to walk, so as not to miss any animals or attractions that may be hidden in the trail.

Sometime this year, the park will be introducing another animal, the black panther. We weren’t able to see this during our visit, but it’d be best if you’d also check it out if you plan on visiting the park one of these days.

The Essentials

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