Silong: Take Shelter in this Relaxing Dwelling at the Heart of QC

Photo by Silong

With travel restrictions easing up more and more by the week, staycations are becoming a more plausible idea for families and friends itching to get away from it all. However, it’s also worrisome for some who, understandably, feel the restrictions might eventually lead to the virus spreading further – especially with a new COVID variant on the horizon.

If you’re among them, we’ve got great news for you: We found a pretty solid refuge just within the city where you can escape and spend a safer vacation with your loved ones. 

Silong in Solana Suites is a private metropolitan property that’s fashioned with that warm, family-centric Filipino hospitality in mind. A Filipino word that translates to “shelter”, Silong offers a safe space where you can unwind and bond safely with others in a homey setting that depicts the traditional Pinoy home.


Photo by Silong

Silong is situated within Loyola Heights, Quezon City, a quiet suburban community consisting of mostly upmarket homes. Because it’s within Metro Manila, city slickers can easily reach the location, making it an ideal venue for both small gatherings and overnight stays. 


Photo by Silong

Silong features a spacious wooden Cabana that takes its inspiration from the traditional bahay kubo. Airy, earthy, and cozy, the Cabana comes with a comfortable bed, receiving area, dining area, en suite bathroom, and a balcony where the whole family (or barkada) can gather and enjoy fresh breeze while surrounded by a lush garden. There’s also a fully furnished kitchen where you can cook hearty meals. 

Photo by Silong

And what’s a modern bahay kubo without a space for enjoying warm conversations? Amid greenery, the common lounge is the perfect spot for enjoying that provincial feel while engaging in chit-chats with friends and family.

One of the highlights of Silong are its two pools, which are surrounded by green spaces large enough for group meditation or yoga, and rustic poolside furniture for lounging. Water babies need not book a resort outside the city to enjoy a dip!


Photo by Silong

To book a stay, you may get in touch with Silong via their website or their Facebook page (listed below in The Essentials section). They accept group bookings and are open to both overnight stays and day tours. 

The Essentials

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