Why You Should Experience Firefly Watching Once in Your Life

Living in the Metro does not grant a lot of space to sit back and appreciate the fauna. Travelers backpack and seek towards the provinces to reconnect with nature. Other animals, like fireflies are not as present in big cities as well, preferring to dance along with the canopy of the thick trees.

Never saw a group of fireflies? Here are some reasons why you should!

You would support the locals.

Most firefly watching destinations are not densely populated and are usually observed riding a boat or a kayak along a river, canopied by trees, dark caves, and ushered by the locals. Usually, these people are the ones who maintain the level of cleanliness and orderliness of these areas to be enjoyed by future visitors.

It is not an everyday sight for just anyone.

Gazing on a flurry of beautiful insects, dancing for their mates is not an ordinary scene. Dense populations of fireflies only are seen in places largely populated with trees and bushes, where they can easily hide from predators. In some provinces, there are chances of getting a few blinkers in but nothing is more impressive than hundreds of fireflies twinkling in the night.

It makes for good pictures.

Though having the flash on when taking pictures with fireflies is prohibited, people could still take good pictures due to the brightness of multiple insects clumped together in trees, bushes, or just flying around. Paired with a starry sky, the place just looks like it could come out of a storybook.

Your eyes could take a breather.

While the city could be just as exciting as the province, our eyes are distracted by many pollutants, districts, and devices every day. A break is always necessary to refresh the senses and return with a mind of ease. So relax, reflect, and cherish the beauty of the Philippines.

It is often cheaper going as a group.

You do not have to be alone while experiencing the dance of the fireflies. Most packages include special discounts when travelling with a large group. Sharing the beauty of these creatures is even more special when you’re with the people you love. What wonderful, sparkling memories.

Traveling to some firefly watching destinations? Here are a few precautions you need to be aware of:

1. Wanting to turn the flash on? Don’t do it!

Bright lights tend to frighten fireflies and would make them flutter somewhere else. Instead of flash photography, use their natural light to your advantage or just sit back, relax, and enjoy the boat ride.

2. Apply insect repellent lotion or wear long clothing.

In a hot and humid country, especially during the summer when these insects usually come out, other insects would come out to play. To avoid getting bitten and being constantly disrupted by pesky mosquitoes, apply insect repellent lotion, and bring a small bottle with you to top off along the way. If you don’t mind the heat, a good pair of pants and a long-sleeved shirt would do the trick.

3. Please, do not smoke near the fireflies!

Insects generally do not like smoke, fireflies included. Smoking would signal them to fly somewhere safe and would significantly decrease their number along the boat ride. Give your lungs a break and breath in the cool, night air instead.

4. Don’t catch them.

Fireflies have a short lifespan, their mating dance at night is necessary to reproduce with other adult fireflies before they reach their end within a few weeks. We do not need to separate them from their mate just to keep them as a souvenir. After all, we need to leave what we find for other people to appreciate them.

5. Don’t forget to bring a fan.

Sometimes, there won’t be a breeze at night. The perks of living in a tropical country. To have a pleasant experience without worrying too much about the heat and sweat, a small fan for a light breeze would make the night ever so pleasant

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