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5 Best Cooking Shows to Binge-Watch during Quarantine

Now more than ever, people are now spending more time at home in kitchen. in the kitchen. While some cook like a pro, some of us just want to sit and watch. Whether you are looking for recipe ideas to try in your kitchen or simply want to be entertained, here are 5 of the best cooking shows you can binge-watch during the quarantine.


One of the classics in the world of cooking shows, MasterChef is a competition among home cooks who dream of making it big in the culinary industry. Michelin-starred chef Gordon Ramsay, restaurateur Joe Bastianich, and Chef Aaron Sanchez serve as mentors, judges, and hosts of the show. It’s pure entertainment as these ruthless A-list judges dish out the most brutal critique, but it’s also a great show to learn useful cooking tips and tricks. If you’re looking for reality show excitement and top food porn, this is the show for you.  

Idol Sa Kusina

The Philippines has a diverse cuisine, spanning across ethnic groups and time. One of the TV shows that best exemplify this is Idol Sa Kusina.

Idol Sa Kusina is a show popularized by Chef Boy Logro, a highly acclaimed executive chef with humble beginnings. Because of his upbeat personality and unique dishes, Chef Boy Logro has become a popular household name. 

Watch as Chef Boy demonstrates every cooking step from start to finish. Whether you’re a complete beginner or not, this show can give you practical cooking advice that you can easily execute at home.

The Great British Bake Off

Into British TV? One of the most popular shows to binge-watch in the UK is The Great British Bake-Off. It has been on TV since 2010 and has made a significant cultural impact on encouraging people to bake at home.

The premise of the show is simple. Amateur bakers try their hand in the kitchen. Whoever wins the judges’ hearts with their pastries wins the show. Aside from the hilarious, competitive scenes each season, The Great British Bake-Off is characterized by its laidback atmosphere. It’s a complete contrast to other cutthroat cooking shows and is perfect for those who just want to sit back and relax.

Jamie: Keep Cooking Family Favourites

Another hit cooking show from the UK is by famous chef, Jamie Oliver. Known for his beginner-friendly, healthy recipes, he has pioneered many cooking shows including Jamie: Keep Cooking Family Favourites.

The concept is simple yet relatable. In every episode, Jamie Oliver will create recipes and cook up dishes based on the weekly grocery list. The result? Family meals that are delicious, simple, yet out of the ordinary menu.

The show exemplifies the modern approach to cooking and proves that you can make something unique out of the ordinary.

Chef’s Table

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Chef’s Table is the show for you if you’re looking for an exploratory show about world-renowned chefs. Nominated for several Emmy awards, Chef’s Table shows an in-depth look inside the culinary world, from the beautiful tapestry of their lives to the passion it takes to create one single dish. 

Each episode focuses on one international chef, from a different country and background than previous ones. Some of them work in the high-rise towers of New York; others in remote areas, continuing the traditional cooking practices of their family.

How about you? What is your favorite cooking show?

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