7 Band Workouts You Can Easily Do at Home

Now that working out at home is the #newnormal, people have been turning to workout equipment that can be easily acquired and used. Exercise bands are popular, beginner-friendly workout tools that are specially useful now that we are all trying to stay fit while indoors. They help add extra tension to regular bodyweight exercises, leveling up the intensity of your workout. If you want to maximize your home workouts, using exercise bands will definitely give you that extra burn you’re looking for.

Exercise bands come in different lengths and tension levels, catering to all kinds of fitness levels and needs. They are usually sold in sets with varying elasticity levels. This allows you to work your way up to the tighter bands as you get stronger. They are affordable, less intimidating than weights, and don’t take up a lot of space (great for condos!). If you don’t have them yet, it might be a good time to get them.

Today, we’re sharing a simple workout routine you can easily do at home using exercise bands. This full body workout will hit all the important areas and will only take 30 minutes.

Let’s begin.

(1) Banded Squats

Put the exercise band around your legs, mid-thigh level, then do a squat. You’ll immediately feel the added tension around the thighs and glutes. Repeat 15 times.

(2) Standing clamshells

With the band still around your thighs, assume a shallow squat position. While holding the squat position, open and close your legs 10 times. Make your movements slow and deliberate.

(3) Hip thrusts

Lie down on your back and place the band around your legs again. Prop up your knees while keeping your feet hip width apart. Thrust your hip upward while squeezing your butt at the top. Slowly release and come back down. You should feel the tension in your butt and quads. Repeat 15 times.

(4) Lateral pulls

Yes, arm workouts are possible with exercise bands! Place the band around your wrists and hold both arms up. Keep the left arm up firmly while pulling the right arm down slowly. Release the right arm and bring it back up. Repeat the movement with the left arm pulling down. This works your shoulder and back muscles. Complete 10 repetitions per arm.

(5) Chest pulls

With the band still around your wrists, stretch your arms outward in front of you. Slowly pull inward, towards your chest, and squeeze your back. Release and repeat 15 times.

(6) Lying knee to chest

Lie on your back and place the band around your feet. Support your upper body by resting on your elbows. Pull the right leg towards your chest slowly. Release and bring it back. Repeat the movement with your left leg. Do 10 repetitions per leg. This movement will wake up those abs.

(7) Planks with side toe touches

Assume a high plank position with the band around your ankles. Slightly open the right foot and tap to the right, then bring it back in. Do the same with the left foot. Repeat 10 times (R+L=1).

Repeat all the movements 3 times.

Exercise bands can make your home workouts more challenging and therefore, more effective. So if you feel the burn after completing this workout, welcome it. It only means you’re on the road to getting stronger! And if you keep going, you’ll surely emerge from ECQ looking extra #quarantoned.

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