Castles in the Philippines for the Cinderella in You

Photo by Tai Castle

Are you planning your fairytale getaway? Or are you waiting for your grand castle? The Philippines houses its fair share of jaw-dropping palaces ready for the public eye. Fit those glass slippers and turn that pumpkin into a carriage because the ball awaits!

1. Tai Castle (Tagaytay City)

Live and experience ruling over your kingdom by spending a night at Tai Castle. You and 14 other people could experience medieval luxury with a modern twist of electricity, a mini rooftop poop, and an in-house maid to help with the chores.

Guests are obliged to prepare dishes with the equipment available though, convenience stores, restaurants, and shopping centers are about an hour away. Other amenities include a family room, a library, and four guest rooms. For ₱20,000 a night, dreams do come true.

Currently, Tai Castle is not available for commercial use but a grander Castle Hotel near the same area would soon be open to the public. Expect the experience and interior to be just as lavish, if not more, than the Tai Castle.

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2. Fantasy World (Batangas City)

Visit the once magnificent castle, as you reminisce what could have been a bustling theme park reduced to its current state. Though faded, it holds a certain charm that intrigues guests to come back for more. Unmoving rides, peeling walls, vines, and grass taking up cracks between the walls, the whole castle is an art piece enticing travelers from afar.

Currently managed by the neighborhood Homeowner’s Association, the park has turned into a photoshoot destination with a ₱1,000 entrance fee for ten people. Other rooms, such as the throne room, are accessible by paying extra.

Be sure to climb up the treehouse and take on a bird’s eye view of the whole park. Let your heart soar with imagination.

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3. Shrine of Simala (Cebu)

Rest the mind, body, and soul by meditating within the Shrine of Simala, the supposed home of the miraculous Birhen sa Simala. Exploring the entire shrine may take a few hours to marvel at the architecture that houses the Virgin Mary.

Just remember, strictly following the dress code is a must. Men must wear long pants and a decent shirt while women should wear comfortable clothing that is not too tight and does not show too much skin.

Eucharistic celebrations are held every day by 12:00NN and 10:30 AM every Saturday and the 13th of a month. Candles are available for ₱35 each at various “Dagkutanan” areas that hold different meanings.

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4. Tropicana Castle Dive Resort (Puerto Galera)

Be the queen or king of the beach as you watch the sunset shining on a pristine castle overlooking glistening waters. Experience the underwater sea kingdom by availing scuba diving packages offered through the resort.

With rooms ranging from ₱2,250 – ₱7,950 a day, the palace is the perfect honeymoon destination. Rest assured that they would treat you like royalty at the best accommodation experience in Puerto Galera.

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