10 Household Items You Can Utilize for Your Home Workout

Because of the ongoing COVID-19 community quarantine, almost all people are stuck at home. And since we’re not allowed to go outside, most of us would probably be just lying down for the entire day, scrolling on our phone, or perhaps eating and sleeping.

If you’re wondering if it’s possible to achieve successful workout even at home, the answer is yes! In fact, there are plenty of excellent gym equipment alternatives right within the comfort of your own home.

We’ve listed them down for you.

Water or laundry detergent bottles/ gallons

Water bottles or gallons and laundry detergent are great substitutes for dumbbells. All you need to do is fill them with rocks or water, then you can start doing sets of biceps curls or kettlebell swing with them.


Buckets are more than just containers. They make for ideal weights if you don’t have a barbell. You only have to place some rocks inside a bucket to make them heavier. For the handle, you can use a pole, then place one bucket on each end of the pole.


Aside from keeping your books, notebooks, and other school supplies safe, a backpack is also useful for exercising. Loaded with weights, your backpack is ideal for squats and other body weight and cardio workouts routines.


There are lots of exercises you can do with a chair, such as dips, which are terrific for triceps and step-up workout. You can also use a chair as support when you’re having difficulties doing lunges. Besides these, you can spice up your usual push-ups to inclines and declines using a chair.


A long, thick, heavy rope can be ideal for doing rope whips. Tie the edges of two ropes on poles or trees and hold the ends, and then start moving your hands up and down alternately until you create waves.


A broom isn’t only for cleaning the house, it is also splendid for exercises that engage your hips, core, and glutes. Next time you’re sweeping the floor, do some hip hinges too.

Paper plates

If floor exercises are part of your routine, but you currently don’t have access to fitness gliders, use paper plates! They can act as sliders and help train your core as you do sliding burpees, thigh shimmers, sliding triceps pushups, and more.

Door handle and a towel

Apart from absorbing post-workout sweat, towels can also be used specifically for doing rows. For this, you will also need a door handle. Tie the towel around the handle and hold both ends, place your feet against the door, lean back as far as you can to extend your arms, then pull yourself toward the door. Repeat as many times as you can.


Walls are versatile and can be used for stability or resistance. You can do wall sits and wall push-ups, as well as some stretching.


Did you know that climbing and walking or running up and down the stairs is considered a cardio workout? Using the stairs for cardio burns some serious calories and pumps up your heart pump faster.

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