6 Stunning Beaches to Visit in Puerto Galera

Just a few hours away from Metro Manila (plus a boat ride from Batangas), Puerto Galera has always been one of the go-to beaches for local and foreign tourists. Whether you’re the adventurous or low-key kind; a party animal or a lone wolf, Puerto Galera offers an array of fun activities, even if you only have the weekend to spare.

Ready to create your itinerary? We picked the best beaches and activities that await you on this side of the Philippines!

Aplayang Munti

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One of the hottest spots in Puerto Galera, Aplayang Munti has evolved from being just a go-to beach frequented by locals into a water park that was developed to attract more tourists. Guests are welcomed by inflatable slides, trampolines, towers, swings, bridges, and so much more. The pebbled shoreline is lined with small cottages. The palce usually hosts events for adults and kids alike.

White Beach

Rad parties and (drunk) celebrity sightings! White Beach is probably more famous for hosting the craziest and booziest parties in Puerto Galera than its fine white sand. But in case you’re too tita for the long and loud nights, the beach is as lively during the day too! Chill and take photos while getting the perfect tan. Get a massage and relax while enjoying the ocean’s view. Have your hair braided by locals.

In case you want more than just the usual water activities, head on to the dive resorts around the area, like the famous Marco Vincent Dive Resort, for an unforgettable diving session.

Tamaraw Beach

Looking for a more private and secluded place for your alone time? Tamaraw Beach is one of the most popular destinations for relaxing away from crowded spots in Puerto Galera.

For a perfect soul-searching getaway, save up for accommodations and make sure to take respite in a serene environment. Recharge at Tamaraw Beach Resort, where you’ll wake up to a stunning beachfront view, bewitching infinity pools, and exceptional breakfast. Have a pre-sunrise walk on pebbled shores and enjoy the sound of the waves, go snorkeling early in the morning, or just live in the moment.

Boquete Beach

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Boquete Island’s sandbar is surely a spot to include in your list if you want that perfect drone shot. The sand bar is a 50-meter stretch of white sand with pebbles and crushed corals here and there. It is near other famous spots where you can enjoy more activities like snorkeling, diving, and island hopping.

Fridays Puerto Galera is just a boat ride away from the island, and it offers an amazing view of the landmass. Their tropical and rustic rooms add to the experience and guarantee a picture-perfect vacay!

Aninuan Beach

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Dainty and cozy, Aninuan Beach offers a beautiful ocean view best enjoyed with family and friends. Get romantic by staying with bae for a day or two at Sunset at Aninuan Beach Resort for a #chasingsunsets sesh.

The beach here is less crowded, so it’s also perfect for backpackers who are up for a quick getaway. If you have the extra time and budget, a 45 to 60-minute trek to Aninuan Falls with your barkada is also worth a shot.

Talipanan Beach

Talipanan Beach’s sun-drenched coastline is definitely one for the books. This spot is one of Puerto Galera’s most underrated beaches, featuring tall palm trees and a view of the surrounding islands of Mindoro.

Luxurious resorts can be found in the area, but homey ones like D’Mountain Beach Resort also occupy the coast. They have cute nipa cabanas that are perfect for an afternoon chill and simple celebrations with the gang.

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