Best Exercise Apps To Level Up Your Fitness and Wellness Goals

Now that a lot of the provinces and cities in the Philippines are under community quarantine, Pinoys have a lot of time on their hands to do things they’ve always wanted to do but had little time to do so. This includes embarking on a health and wellness journey! 

Fortunately, plenty of health and wellness apps are now available, enabling you to get fit with just a few clicks on your smartphone or tablet. You don’t have to worry about gyms being temporarily closed. With fitness apps, you can do workout, yoga, or meditation right in the comfort of your own home. 

We rounded up some of the best exercise apps around,including those that have video and audio guides, as well as apps that you can use for wellness activities like yoga, tonglen, and meditation.

Insight Timer

With 13 million users (currently), Insight Timer is one of the world’s biggest free app for anxiety, stress, and sleep. This Australian-owned meditation app offers the “largest free library of guided meditations on earth”, which are offered by both up-and-coming and renowned teachers from the fields of yoga, religious, meditation, and medical sciences, among others. 

Users on the free version have access to talks, podcasts, guided meditations or visualizations, music from popular teachers such as davidji, Tara Brach, Koya Webb, Leann Rhimes, Moby, Sadhguru, Anthony Demello, and many more, and interact with groups, individuals, and teachers. A lot of yoga teachers also consider Insight Timer their go-to app for guided instructions that they can apply to their own yoga class. 

Premium account holders get additional access to 10 and 30-day courses, from environmentalism to Buddhism, to addiction recovery, to living a centered and happy life.

My Fitness Pal

Want to track your calorie intake and fitness activities? My Fitness Pal lets you do so! Designed to help users lose weight, this free app “learns” each user’s eating patterns and remembers food you’ve eaten and continue to eat, so you can easily add it to your log in a few clicks and do away with the tedious task of keeping track of every calorie. The app features more than 300 million food and beverage items to date and allows you to have your personal food database. You can personalize your weight goals in your diet profile, whether you’re on Atkins or the Zone. Best of all, you will have access to discussion forums where you can exchange insights and get encouragement from a supportive community of users.


Don’t have equipment at home? No budget for a personal coach? You won’t need either with Freeletics. 

Freeletics lets you have your own AI coach, who customizes training plansfor you based on your bodyweight, goals, and fitness level. Because your digital coach is AI-built, it learns and adapts with you, so the more you train, the better your workout gets. Workouts also span between 10 and 30 minutes only, so it’s easy to do one in between activities. You’ll also have access to custom meal plans, complete with prep time and cooking modes.


Want a more intense workout sesh? Use Keelo. This app specializes in functional fitness and oggers strength training and high intensity interval training (HIIT) routines ranging from seven to 20 minutes in length. Users get access to high-def instruction videos on strength and conditioning and more. You can also monitor your fitness goals with a fitness tracker that lets you view your nutrition calories, calories burned, functional areas, and strength ratios.

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