Chloe Ting: The Home Workout Guru that Got Me Going

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Chances are you have heard Chloe’s signature upbeat personality and motivating words in her viral workout videos. Her popularity has increased as people turn towards physical activity during the lockdown period, me included.

Who is Chloe Ting?

Originally from Brunei, Chloe now lives in Australia and works full-time as a YouTube fitness guru. Her content has attracted almost 7.5 million subscribers on YouTube alone. She aims to help people on every part of their fitness journey. Her channel doesn’t only contain workout videos, she also gives practical tips for meal-prepping, pantry organization and maintaining a healthy diet.

Why are her workout videos so popular?

Chloe’s workouts cover a range of fitness levels because she includes low intensity and high intensity versions of each exercise. This allows you to pace yourself and build your strength as you go along. She also thinks of your fitness journey in the long-term by providing free workout routines on her website,

Much of the guesswork, not to mention the expense, of building your own fitness routine has been accomplished. The best part? Most of her routines do not require exercise equipment. This is especially encouraging for beginner’s who want to get to know their body and fitness level first.

The experience is very personal. Her routines are diverse – they focus on different goals and different timespans. You are free to choose one that best fits your schedule. She encourages you to accomplish all the videos set for a certain day. Each set only takes an average of 20-50 minutes, great news for people that work from home or those who have a hectic schedule.

Chloe also does fun challenges on her channel, some spanning only a week or two. These really help get your head back in the game if you’re routine is feeling a little stale.

Perhaps one of the most striking aspect of her channel are the compilations of her subscriber’s successful fitness journeys. Seeing everyone else’s progress is a great source of motivation. You also see that Chloe’s channel is not about competition, it’s a community that helps everybody stay motivated!

My Chloe Ting Experience

I stumbled on Chloe Ting while scrolling through Twitter. A number of my friends were sharing their excitement, and eventually, their results. As someone with no fitness regimen whatsoever, the posts seemed very welcoming. I hopped on the bandwagon.

Starting off slow, I did the 2 Weeks Shred Challenge, one of Chloe’s most popular routines. I followed 2 to 3 videos daily, with rest days in-between. This is an amazing feat for a fitness noob like me who never exercised for more than three days consecutively. The exercises that she includes are fun and easy-to-follow. She also gives tons of support and encouragement, not to mention tons of upbeat background music. Don’t let this fool you, though. It’s still pretty intense. At the beginning, I had to pause the video several times to catch my breath.

I concluded the 2 Weeks Shred Challenge a few days ago. Now, two days into her new 4 Weeks Summer Shred Challenge, I continue to enjoy the process. Instead of dreading workouts, I look forward to them, a fun break after a day’s work. I’m the most motivated I’ve been in my entire life.

As for the results, I have been noticing my body getting stronger and more toned. My endurance has increased, and I don’t lose my breath easily. However, this was in combination with reduced meal portions and healthier food choices. Fitness will not happen overnight, nor will one magic regimen help you achieve your goals. But a little push to get you started is never a bad thing.

Thanks to Chloe Ting’s approachable and organized workout regiments, I’ve broken out of my fitness rut. I will go on to do more research about fitness and try out different sources, but my journey has been kickstarted. If you’re a beginner like me, there’s definitely a fitness community for you out there. Don’t fret, your fitness journey can happen in the comfort of your own home.


It has been noted by some in the community that Chloe has scientific inaccuracies in her health advice. It’s always best to fact-check information and better yet, to get fitness tips from multiple sources. Chloe is not a health professional and has a disclaimer in every video, stating that you can never spot-reduce fat. Her video titles are designed to optimize search results. There is no one-size-fits-all and instant solution to fitness. A proper diet, steady exercise routine, and motivated mindset all contribute to long-term change.

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