Leyte’s Best: Where to Go After Quarantine

Leyte is a province located in Eastern Visayas. Its capital Tacloban serves as the main gateway for those arriving by plane. The province’s population and affluence grew over the centuries because of farming and fishing, and most recently, tourism. The US Army landed on the province in 1944 amid World War II. The combined forces of the Philippines and America managed to expel the occupying Japanese military.

If you’re planning to visit this province, these are some of the things to do and places to visit.

MacArthur Memorial

General Douglas MacArthur said the famous lines “I shall return” with thoughts of liberating the Philippines from the Japanese forces. The general landed in Leyte Gulf in 1944 to lead the US forces in one of the largest naval battles of World War II. The historic landing was immortalized with the construction of the memorial located in Palo.

How to get there

From Tacloban City, hop on a jeep or multi-cab with a sign that says “St. Paul/Campetic” fare is around P8-P10. Alight at Campetic crossing, then hire a pedicab to the memorial for around P10.

Kalanggaman Island

Located in Palompon, Kalanggaman Island has become a popular summer destination because of its powdery, cream-colored sand and the azure waters surrounding it. The bird-like shape of this tropical island got its name from the word “langgam” which translates into “bird.” Some of the things you can do during your visit include snorkeling, kayaking, scuba diving, and banana boat riding.

How to get there

From the van terminal in the city, board a van departing for Palompon. Fare is around P155 one way and takes about 3.5 hours. Once in Palompon terminal, you can just walk to the tourism office in Freedom Park near the municipal hall. This is where you’ll register and charter a boat to the island. Boat rental costs P3,000 for up to 15 passengers; P3,500 for up to 25; and P4,000 for up to 30. It’s better to travel with a group or join one going to Kalanggaman.


  • P150 entrance fee for locals, P500 for foreigners
  • P225 overnight and camping fee for locals,;P750 for foreigners

Palo Cathedral

This beautiful church in Palo has a long history. The Jesuits established the church in the mid 1590s. The Augustinians administered it in 1768, and the Franciscans in the 1840s. The church became a cathedral in 1938 and was used as a hospital by the Americans during World War II.

How to get there

There are regular jeeps/ multi-cabs departing around every 20 minutes from Tacloban to Palo. Once in Palo, you can just walk to the cathedral.

Lake Danao

This destination located in Ormoc provides a serene getaway. Lake Danao covers around 148 hectares of land, surrounded by stunning views. It is said that the lake has volcanic origins. Located at an altitude of around 700 meters, the area is quite balmy and refreshing. You can rent a row boat for P150 and a house boat for around P500. Make your way to the view deck to enjoy the most beautiful views!

How to get there:

From Tacloban, get on a van from the terminal to Ormoc City. Once in Ormoc, make your way to the public terminal and board a jeep bound for Lake Danao. You can also hire a habal-habal to take you to the lake.

San Juanico Bridge

The bridge began construction in 1969 and was finished in 1973, with the help of Japanese Official Development Assistance loans. It is 2.16 kilometers long, making it the country’s longest bridge above the sea. It connects the provinces of Samar and Leyte, which helped boost economic activity between the two over the decades.

How to get there

From Tacloban terminal, board a bus or jeepney going to Samar such as Basey, Calbayog, or Catbalogan. These will cross the bridge. The ride takes around 20 minutes and costs roughly P15-P20 one way.

Capitol Building of Leyte

It’s not often you see a neo-classical building in the Philippines, that’s why Leyte’s capital building stands out. The building dates back to 1907. It has a beautiful white façade, columns, and cannons along its steps. You can also see bas reliefs of historical events such as MacArthur’s landing and the first mass in Limawasa.

How to get there

The building is located in Sen. Enage Street, Tacloban.

How to Go to Leyte

The most convenient way to reach the province is by plane from Manila to Tacloban City. There are plenty of flights daily. Buy a ticket weeks before your trip to get the lowest possible airfare.

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