Paragliding Over Mountains: Benguet May Soon Offer Paragliding

There’s a certain adrenaline rush that paragliding offers – the feeling of being up hundreds of feet in the air with only the wind beneath your feet, an unbridled view of the world as you are swept and carried by the wind.

Tourists may soon experience that feeling in Benguet.

Recently, the municipality of Mankayan in Benguet announced plans to turn the mining town into Cordillera’s first ever paragliding site. 

In an interview with Manila Times, Mankayan Mayor Frenzel Ayong shared that Aristotle Mendoza, Chairman of Nueva Vizcaya-based Northside Paragliding Philippines – conducted an initial site assessment last week and noted the town’s huge potential as a paragliding site. Ayong said that paragliding can speed up the recovery of the tourism industry after the pandemic significantly impacted the economy in the area. 

He added that they will be establishing partnerships paragliding exports to lay down the ground work for the future attraction.

Mankayan lies at the northwest corner of the province, bound by mountainous towns at all points: Bakun and Buguias in Benguet; Tadian and Bauko in Mountain Province; and Cervantes in Ilocos Sur. This means that tourists will have a bird’s eye view of various mountain ranges as they fly on ‘chutes hundreds of feet up in the air. What can be better than that?

Check out how it will look like from up the air in this video:

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