Bang-for-Buck Creamy Goodness: Ice Cream House

Here at Pinned, we are always keen on featuring spots that make every mile Worth the Trip, and this week, one place truly was the epitome of worth it: Ice Cream House. 

Ice Cream House is a local business that specializes in affordable yet uber-creamy home-churned ice cream, although foreign brands like Aice and Melona and other local brands are being retailed here too.

A homegrown brand that’s become well-loved by families all over the metro for years, Ice Cream House now boasts over a dozen branches, mainly in QC, Pasig, Marikina, and Manila area. 

One lick of any of Ice Cream House’s vast selection of flavors reminds you of how it’s like to eat ice cream for the first time as a kid. It’s creamy, delicious, flavor-packed, yet surprisingly, not too sweet. It’s not hard to see why its become a staple families and barkadas. If you’re doing a quick trip of the neighborhood with the fam on a Sunday, this is definitely one joint the kids will appreciate. 

Apart from ice cream, Ice Cream House also serves affordable snacks like fries (P45) , nachos (P85), pastas (as low as P59), and pizza for as low as P45. Coffee and cakes are available too.

The Essentials

Ice Cream House – Dahlia, Fairview

Ice Cream House – Marcos Avenue, Novaliches

Ice Cream House – Sauyo

Ice Cream House – Talipapa, Novaliches

Ice Cream House – Project 3

  • 135 Rd 3, Project 6, Quezon City, 1100 Metro Manila
  • 9am to 10 pm

Ice Cream House  – Anonas (Diliman)

Ice Cream House  – Anonas (Maamo Street)

Ice Cream House – Molave

Ice Cream House – San Juan

Ice Cream House – Pedro Gil

  • 2307-2308 Pedro Gil St, Santa Ana, Manila
  • 9 am to 9 pm

Ice Cream House – Paz Street, Paco

Ice Cream House – Sampaloc

Ice Cream House Marikina

Ice Cream House – Bayan Bayanan Avenue.

Ice Cream House – Pasig 

Ice Cream House – Pasig (Caruncho)

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