5 Crossfit Benefits That Will Make You a Convert

There’s never been a fitness program that matches the popularity of CrossFit. Designed to be a high-intensity program, a lot of people tend to get intimidated by CrossFit – that is, until they’ve tried it and saw how life-changing (and fun!) it is.

If you are still having qualms about embarking on your CrossFit journey, allow us to enlighten you with these CrossFit benefits that will have you saying yes to CrossFit in no time.

1. CrossFit is super convenient.

The usual quandary for beginners is a matter of convenience. Many aren’t sure if it’s worth it to pay for gym membership, hire a coach, or just create a fitness space at home.

CrossFit eliminates that dilemma for you by merging the benefits of all three in a CrossFit Box. The box contains all the essential equipment you need for CrossFit training, such as weights and cardio and flexibility tools. Classes are held in CrossFit-certified gyms, under the supervision of a CrossFit coach, so you really don’t need to figure anything else out on your own. 

Having a CrossFit Box will also enable you to train at home or with a small group of fellow CrossFit lovers. 

2. It will make you tougher than you ever imagined.

CrossFit revolves around the concept of functional fitness. You’re not trained to get bulky, but to be beautifully toned and extra strong. You will learn an assortment of strength training exercises, including weight lifting and free weights training. Such training doesn’t just tone your muscles, but will also make your bones denser and extra strong. 

3. It’s the perfect combination of cardio and strength training.

CrossFit combines strength training and high intensity interval training (HIIT) techniques, making for one serious all-around workout. HIIT routines offer cardio benefits, while strength training amp up your endurance and power. Some days you will have a strength workout like lifting, while other days are dedicated to cardio workout like jumping, throwing weights, or carrying sandbags.

4. It offers variety. 

One thing you can expect from CrossFit is that the workout will not be the same as any other workout, like running on a treadmill or the usual cardio exercises. It offers a breadth of workout routines that are complex, creative, exciting, and fun once you get the hang of it. For those who love challenges or who get easily bored with routine exercises, CrossFit might just be the answer. 

5. It will let you burn plenty of calories – and ultimately, get fitter and slimmer.

Because CrossFit uses high-intensity exercises and promotes aerobic fitness, those who do it tend to burn calories faster and more intensely than those who engage in traditional workout exercises. On average you will burn around 12 calories or more a minute. This is because CrossFit uses multiple muscle groups at the same time, and as experts say, the more muscles you utilize, the more calories you burn.

And what’s more: Calories continue to get torched after you’re done with your workout. The reason? The intense workouts involve means your body continue to consume oxygen even after you work out, which leads to calorie reduction. As well, CrossFit builds muscles, and more muscles equal faster metabolism. 

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