5 Destinations to See in Misamis Oriental that aren’t in CDO

Misamis Oriental is synonymous with Cagayan de Oro, or CDO. MisOr’s bustling capital is wildly popular for its white rapids and is often the sole reason people go to MisOr before heading for a roadtrip to Bukidnon or Davao via the BuDa Road. But for those who are keen to see more of what this province has to offer, the opposite, western side offers worthy sights too. 

Here are 5 of those sights.

Initao-Libertad Protected Landscape and Seascape

Spanning over 1,300 hectares from the foothills of Mount Kitanglad to Iligan Bay, the Initao–Libertad Protected Landscape and Seascape is home to an astounding collection of biodiversity, including an extensive mangrove forest, at least 30 caves (4 are accessible to visitors), and a rugged coastline with pockets of beaches and reefs with several fish species like wrasse, parrotfish, and Blacktipped sardine.

It also holds MisOr’s last old-growth forests, with century-old endemic tree species such as molave, narra, and talisay gubat. Its lush forest, which visitors can hike, is home to endemic birds and eagles, as well as the flying lemur, the Philippines tarsier, and the Philippine long-tailed macaque. On site you will also find the now-defunct Lasang Secret Adventure Park, an ecotourism site with hanging bridges and a zipline. 

Isidro Beach, Initao

Right beside Initao-Libertad Park lies Isidro Beach, a off-white beach that is popular with locals and families. This no-alcohol, no-loud music zone is best for those who enjoy serene camping and swimming with the sunset in view — and few to no crowds after sundown.
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Nyor’s Playground/ Mt. Anggas 

For mountain lovers, you won’t have to go as far as Kitanglad for your hiking fix. Mt. Anggas, whose expanse is shared by the towns of Gitagum and Alubijid, offers stunning views from its 1,500-meter peak and unspoiled trails that you can finish in about two to three hours.

Nyor’s, a local mountaineering group, pioneered day hikes and overnight camping at a view deck called “Nyor’s Playground”. Accessible in about 30 minutes from the jumpoff point, Nyor’s Playground offers breathtaking views of well-known peaks, including Mounts Kalatungan, Dulang Dulang, and Kitanglad. Stay the night and witness the sun rising from behind the mountains.

The trail passes through narrow ridges, beautiful hills, a lone agoho tree, and a church. You’ll end your hike at a little-known destination called Abaga Falls.

For hikes, contact Raul Ilogon of Nyor’s Mountaineering Group via his mobile, 09164333878, send a Facebook message.

Abaga Falls

Primarily visited by locals for bathing and laundry, Abaga Falls features multiple tiers and small cool basins supplied by water streaming down the surrounding mountains. Located just a few minutes from the foot of Mt. Anggas, Abaga Falls is the last stop after hiking the mountain. 

Entrance fee: P20/ head

Palanhay Beach

Located in Brgy. Moog, Palanhay Beach, features a coastline with rock formations that date back to several centuries and a protected marine sanctuary with several fish species, coral reefs, weeds, and even sea kraits. ]Along the way, you will come across fossilized giant clams and the ruins of Punta Sulawan, a Spanish-era lighthouse. How to get to Punta Sulawan

If you have a car, simply make your way to “parola” or the lighthouse in Brgy. Moog. If you are coming via public commute, take an Alubijid or Initao-bound jeepney at Gaisano Mall in CDO (P30). Alight at the Alubijid Public Market, then take habal-habal or motorcycle to the beach (P50).

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