5 Tourist Spots Near Baguio City That You’ve Never Heard Of Before

Dubbed as the summer capital of the Philippines, Baguio City hosts both eco-cultural attractions and modern offerings. Among its popular destinations are Burnham Park, Tam-awan Village, Mines View Park, The Mansion, BenCab Museum, Camp John Hay, and Wrights Park. 

If you’ve been visiting the city multiple times already, you might want to level up your adventure by visiting nearby destinations. You don’t have to go far. With an extra day or two to your itinerary, you can explore the following tourist spots near Baguio.

Tinedkaw Cave

Tinedkaw Cave nestles on the slopes of Mt Yangbew, a popular hiking destination near Baguio.

Tinedkaw Cave was accidentally discovered by mushroom gatherers in March this year. It lies on the slope of Mt Yangbew, a popular hiking destination. Inside the cave, there are stalactite and stalagmite rock formations as well as crystal-clear pools. To enter the cave, you’ll have to crawl on your belly on some narrow openings. But once you’re inside, brace yourself for stunning sights. The jump-off point to the cave is just 20 minutes of a taxi ride from Baguio City.

  • Location: Brgy. Tawang, La Trinidad, Benguet

Towing Falls

Towing Falls boast three layers with pools ideal for cliff jumping or diving.

Towing Falls is just 30 minutes of a jeep ride from Baguio City. It is a three-layered cascade with the third falls measuring around 50 meters high. It has a wide and very deep pool with invigorating waters. You can jump or dive from one of the surrounding cliffs towards the pool. From time to time, you can chance on colorful birds inhabiting the lush forests surrounding Towing Falls.

  • Location: Poblacion, Sablan, Benguet

Bayokbok Falls

Bayokbok Falls feature crystal-clear waters with thriving marine species. 

Bayokbok Falls was long hidden until photos of it went viral on social media. Instantly, it has become a favorite weekend getaway among locals from Baguio. Like Towing Falls, it has three layers, each with a beautiful pool reminiscent of Palawan’s blue lagoons. The waters are crystal-clear that you can see fishes and crabs swimming underneath. Aside from swimming, other activities to do here are bamboo rafting, rappelling, and cliff diving. 

  • Location: Brgy Tuel, Tublay, Benguet

Asin Hot Spring

Asin Hot Spring offers a relaxing thermal experience while the nearby Tuel River is a good spot for cooling off.

If you’re up for a thermal relaxation bear Baguio, check out Asin Hot Spring. It features thermal waters flowing from rock openings near the Tuel River. The locals channeled the steamy waters to a man-made pool where you can dip all day long. If you want to cool off, you can go swimming in the numerous pools of Tuel River. When you follow it upstream, you’ll find mini-waterfalls with icy-cold waters. 

  • Location: Brgy Tuel, Tublay, Benguet

Aran Cave

Aran Cave is not only a haven of beautiful rock formations but also cascading waterfalls with beautiful pools.

Could you imagine yourself climbing waterfalls inside a cave? Well, that’s a rare and adventurous experience you’ll have when visiting Aran Cave. It’s one of the emerging tourist spots near Baguio City. To go deeper in the cave, you’ll be climbing at least three waterfalls with chilly and clear waters. As you go deeper, you’ll glimpse of stunning stalactites and stalagmites. All in all, the spelunking time takes around 2-3 hours.

  • Location: Camp 3, Tuba, Benguet

These are just a few of the countless tourist spots near Baguio City. They are just icing to what awaits you when traveling to Benguet where Baguio is located. Next time you come here, don’t miss visiting the said destinations.

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