6 Stretches that Improve Your Posture

Too much screen time? Take a break, stretch those muscles, and improve your posture while you’re at it. Over time, we develop positions where we feel comfortable. But, we may not be aware that certain postures build stress and strain along the spine, causing sores and back pains.

Though it is necessary to check in with a doctor when you feel something unusual, why don’t we prevent it now while it isn’t anything crucial? Here are 6 home exercises that could improve your posture over time.

1. Active Child’s Pose

a. To begin, kneel on the floor or on a comfortable mat, widening your knees as far as you could, preferably along the same length as your shoulder.

b. Stretch or crawl your hands forward then, slowly lower your hips to rest on your heels.

c. Place your forehead on the floor and take deep breaths for 1-2 minutes.

2. Pigeon Pose

a. To begin, kneel on all fours. Your knees should be below your hips while your hands slightly in front of your shoulders.

b. Bend your right knee and place it behind your right wrist. It should look like a greater-than symbol (>).

c. Slide your left leg back, straighten it, then let it rest on the floor. Be sure that your left leg is straight and not to the side.

d. Slowly lower your torso, resting on your right leg. Stretch your arms and hold the pose for 1 minute.

e. Walk your hands back to your hips and lift your torso, stretching it. Do the same for the left leg.

3. Corner Stretch

a. To begin, find a corner where two ends of a wall meet.

b. Face the corner and position your arms at a 90-degree angle (L-shaped).

c. Inhale, pull your shoulders down slightly and push against the wall.

d. Exhale, then use your right foot to lunge towards the corner.

e. Bring your body forward while lifting your chest slightly. Breathe for 1-2 minutes, take a step back then release. Do the same with the other foot.

4. Chest Opener

a. Spread your feet for about the length of your hip.

b. Interlace your fingers behind your back.

c. Slowly pull your arms downward while your chest lifts towards the ceiling.

d. Breathe deeply and hold the pose for 1-2 minutes before bringing it back down to release. Repeat it 5 more times.

5. Cat-Cow Pose

a. To begin, kneel on all fours, balancing your weight around the four points.

b. Inhale while looking up, dropping the abdomen to the floor, stretching your spine. Picture it like a stretching cat.

c. Exhale while slowly arching your spine towards the ceiling. Repeat it for 1-2 minutes.

6. Glute Squeezes

a. Lie on your back with your knees bent. Your palms should be flat on the ground.

b. Slide your feet closer to your hips. You are not going to tuck it in and hold it with your arms. Just slide them closer as you exhale.

c. Inhale as you slowly slide your feet away from your hips. Repeat it for 1-2 minutes several times a day.

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