Amazing Filipino Wellness and Fitness Advocates for Your Daily Inspo

We all aspire to be the best versions of ourselves, and we all could use a little “fitspiration”. Whether you’re looking for people to inspire you in your fitness journey or simply need a good head start for your day, these three Pinoy wellness and health advocates are sure to provide you with your daily dose of wellness inspiration.

Ralph Go

Photo from The Superfood Grocer

International Brazilian Jiu-jitsu (BJJ) fighter Ralph Go advocates a plant-based diet. Inspired by Brendan Frazier’s book, “Thrive”, Ralph stands as a testament that a whole-food-plant-based diet can boost athletic performance. He is the first vegan athlete to win medals in some of the world’s most prestigious BJJ competitions. He also founded the Superfood Grocer – a Pinoy store that develops plant-based alternatives. One of its brands, SuperScoops, offers dairy-free ice cream. Ralph believes making plant-based food accessible to the masses will make it more possible for Pinoys to adopt a vegan lifestyle.

Drinie Aguilar

Drinie Aguilar is an LA-based yoga instructor born in Manila. She believes that yoga breaks down limiting beliefs about what you can do. She’s been practicing it for 14 years and says that yoga helped her become the best version of herself. She also practices with her daughter. Seeing them on Instagram is just pure cuteness and good vibes!

Antoinette Taus

Antoinette Taus has left the world of showbiz to advocate marine conservation. She founded Planet CORA, and is the Philippines’ ambassador for the UN Environment Programme. But aside from her passion for the environment, Antoinette is also a huge supporter of the Mental Health Act 2017. She has suffered from depression in her 20s and believes that awareness and adequate support would benefit every Filipino. Her inspirational post on her social accounts would make you believe that everything is possible if you take care of yourself first.

Ferdz Decena 

A multi-awarded photographer and writer, and a yoga instructor, Ferdz is an all-around adventurer and wellness lover. He travels all over the world,a making his posts not only motivational but also wanderlust-inducing. He is also part of the team behind Yani Cafe in Pasig,which serves value-for-money food and promotes community-led livelihoods.

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