Commit to Health 24/7 with Anytime Fitness

If you’re the type who wears different kinds of hats or someone with a dynamic schedule, here’s a fitness gym that might just be what you need to get started on becoming the healthiest version of yourself: Anytime Fitness.

Founded in the US, Anytime Fitness is a gym franchise that provides its members 24/7 access to clean and modern exercise equipment in its over 4,000 branches worldwide (a branch in Antartica just opened in January 2020, housed inside a cruise ship). In the Philippines, there are 130 gyms around the country, allowing its members to continue their workout even while traveling.

Equipment and facilities

Each branch is equipped with cardio, strength training equipment, lockers, restroom, and shower facilities. Upon signing up, members are given complimentary health assessment and session/s with a trainer. Free group classes, ranging from yoga, dance, and combat (offerings vary per branch), are also available. You can opt to work out on your own. However, if you’re the type who needs constant push or if you help in coming up with a program that suits your needs, Anytime Fitness staff can recommend a highly qualified in-house trainer.


While Anytime Fitness may not be as fancy as other gyms that offer sauna or steam bath, its the 24/7 access worldwide that allows its members the ability to workout whenever and wherever they please that sets this gym apart from others.

Since one can go to any Anytime Fitness branch anytime, exercising after or between work can easily be done, or after any activity for that matter. There are also branches in malls, so members can work out after or before shopping or running errands.

Membership costs

Each branch is independently owned and rates vary depending on location, amenities, current promotion, or membership types. Monthly rates usually start at Php 2,500 (may go lower or higher), plus a membership fee of Php 1,000 and one-time payment for the key fob – a device that allows you to access to any of its branches within 30 days after signup.

Rates may also vary depending on the lock-in period you chose, which can be either six or 12 months. The monthly rate is cheaper when you avail the 12-month lock-in period.

To maximize membership fees, you can avail the free trainer session (comes when you sign up) and join free classes.

Although it can be costly, a gym membership such as a membership in Anytime Fitness can also be considered an investment in one’s present and long-term health. Physical activity is proven in studies to not only offer physical benefits, but improvement in mental states too!

If you’re still undecided, you can sign up for a free trial on their website first, or visit a branch near you to schedule or inquire.

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