Eco Lodging for the EcoSoul

Refresh your mind, body and soul by connecting with nature. Instead of looking for high-end hotels, why not reduce your ecological footprint and go back to the roots of our flora, literally. Unleash your inner Tarzan and take a break from your adventure by spending the night in 3 different eco lodges in the Philippines.

1. Sanctuaria Treehouses – Coron, Busuanga Island

Connect with nature by spending a night or two in a treehouse. Shady trees shield the building from the hot sun while beautiful rays of light peek through the windows in the early morning. Every sunset, enjoy a cold drink while you’re mesmerized by hundreds of bats flying around the island.

The humble sanctuaria offers kayaks that visitors can take to ride around the rivers. Just be sure that if you’re a beginner, you always have someone to assist you to avoid unnecessary injuries. Island hopping tours online often include the Sanctuaria as part of the itinerary. You can also try backpacking and discover them yourself if you’re up for a solo challenge.

Prices per night cost ₱670 and above, depending on what booking site you used to avail the room. If you’re looking for a great deal, TripAdvisor has some of the lowest prices especially with the hobbit room that costs ₱1,332 a night.

The Essentials

  • Address: Kilometer 43 Coron – Busuanga Rd, Busuanga, Palawan
  • Contact Number: 0916 388 7938
  • Operating Hours: 6:00AM – 10:00PM
  • Google Maps Link
  • Facebook Link

2. Nuts Huts – Bohol

Experience living economically and stylishly in traditional nipa huts. Hike, picnic, and kayak while exploring the nearby town, flora, and fauna. If you’re down for an “of the beaten path” kind of hike, you can take the trail from the Tree Center to the Tarsier Center. Talk to some employees to help point you in the right direction.

Dorm accommodations with communal toilets and showers are available for solo residents, costing ₱490 a night. Standard rooms are more expensive (₱990/night) but with private showers, toilet, balcony and a fan. Couples might prefer their Upper Standard rooms for 2 people (₱1,200) and 3 people (₱1,600). Their most expensive rooms cost ₱1,400 to ₱1,800 that have a wonderful view of the river.

Note: There’s no WiFi. Surround yourself with nature and unplug. Rest assured you’d be coming back refreshed and ready for anything.

The Essentials

3. Water to Forest Ecolodge – Bohol

From island cooking courses to Stand Up Paddling (SUP), Water to Forest Ecolodge would have to be one of the most memorable lodges to experience. Visitors may even get the chance to SUP down the river by sunset, watching fireflies emerge from the darkness and dance the night away. When you’re down to learn to cook more Filipino dishes, complete the experience by haggling prices at the local market before returning to cook your culinary masterpiece.

If you’re looking for more, avail the Island Getaway Package Tour, from snorkelling to Dolphin diving – you name it, they arrange it.

Just like Sanctuaria Treehouses, there are more budget prices available through online booking sites. All you gotta do is to look! From the water to the forest, there would always be something for you to discover here.

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