Lockdown Throwdown: Quick and Easy Home Workout for Beginners

As we continue to do our part in flattening the curve for the world and our respective communities, why not do the same for ourselves?

If you’ve already embraced the active lifestyle before staying indoors became our new reality, you already have your suite of platforms (apps, fitspos, and YouTube channels) to help you stay in shape as we ride out this pandemic. This article is for those who’ve struggled with finding the time and energy amid the unforgiving daily commutes, taxing jobs, and unceasing demands of adulting. 

Now that you’ve no other choice than to stay at home, try this quick 10-minute full-body workout for a spin. It’s short enough to be unintimidating, easy enough to make a habit of, and encouraging enough to turn into a daily routine. 

Set 1: 2 Rounds

Vietnamese woman doing push-ups on rocky hilltop

Push-Ups (30 seconds)  

Get to a plank position with your hands straight underneath your shoulders. As you unlock your elbows and move your chest to the floor, make sure that your elbows stay tucked to your sides to get the most out of this simple move. 

(Rest for 10 seconds)

Full Plank with Leg Lifts (30 seconds)

Get back to a plank position. Lift one leg 2-3 feet above the floor while keeping your leg straight. Repeat on the other side. Alternate sides.

(Rest for 10 seconds)

Sit-Ups (30 seconds)

Lie down and bend your legs about 45 degrees. With your hands behind your head, lift your back off the floor. Make sure that your neck is relaxed as you use your core to perform the move. As with all the moves in this circuit, you can go fast or slow – either way, you’re giving your body a good workout. 

(Rest for 10 seconds)

Tricep Dips (30 seconds)

Find an elevated platform, like your couch (as long as it’s hard enough that you don’t sink into it), and place your hands slightly behind you body, with your arms straight on the platform. Slowly bend at the elbows, hold, and come back up. If you can’t find a suitable platform at home. You can just use the floor. 

(Rest for 20 seconds, then go through the whole set again)

Set 2: 4 Rounds

Asian man trying to touch toes

Vertical Toe Touches (30 seconds)

Lie down and lift your legs straight up. With your neck relaxed, lift up to reach your toes with both hands, finding a good rhythm for the duration of the exercise. 

(Rest for 10 seconds)

Dolphin Push-Ups (30 seconds)

Start in a push-up position then walk your feet forward until your hips reach a 90-degree pike position (essentially what a downward dog yoga pose looks like). Keeping your legs straight, perform push-ups by lowering your body down. This move is great for sculpting your shoulders.   

(Rest for 10 seconds and perform circuit three more times)

And you’re done! If you find it difficult to keep the proper form for 30 seconds, you can start off doing each exercise for 20 seconds instead, and progress to doing 30-second moves once you’re able to build strength.

If you feel too sore the following day, rest. Keep in mind that this is your own fitness journey and that recovery will benefit you in the long run more than forcing your body to do something it’s not ready for just yet. 

Once you turn working out into a habit and want to explore other circuits, there are plenty of apps and how-to videos to help you further your fitness endeavor. Good job, and keep at it!

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