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The Manila International Book Fair is Coming to Your Home this November

Photo of the 2019 Manila Book Fair from Manila Book Fair

Who says that all events got canceled? With the world gearing toward digitalization, more opportunities are available on the market. People, we have a convention coming soon!

The 41st edition of the Manila International Book Fair (MIBF) will be launching this November 24 to 30 with the theme “Read and Imagine”. Previous speculations from people stated that the event would be online, which turned out to be true as MBF announced on its Facebook page last October 1.

Usually, the SMX Convention Center houses the entire program for 5 days, indulging visitors with highly discounted books, seminars, workshops, and book signings. Though the MIBF hasn’t disclosed much information as of now, we could for a general idea of the whole process of its operation based on the idea that it has a high chance of servicing people online.

Seminars and workshops might go live on Facebook too or through their official website on specific dates and times, allowing hundreds to watch the same video at once without sharing the discomfort of sitting inside a crowded room.

Book signing events from upcoming and famous authors may push through by purchasing a signed copy of their book online for a limited time. Or, we could view a live signing, which may be quite an experience.

But, the real gems are the discounted books from a handful of publishing houses and known stores such as National Book Store, Fully Booked, Rex Bookstore, and more. You could say that this is your “one-stop-shop” for all your hardbound and paperback dreams especially when discounts are a-plenty.

The dates may still be far off, but it is nice to look forward to something positive, building excitement every step of the way as further announcements would broadcast through their platforms. Be in-the-know with the official procedures by checking out their Facebook, Twitter, and website pages.

Are you excited? Great! Here are a few tips to prepare yourself for the event.

1. Prepare a list.

If it is anything like the past fairs, books fly off the shelves during peak hours. Before scrolling the expansive list, search for what you need, and claim them while they’re available.

2. Know your budget.

While you’re admiring all the books with huge discounts, it is easy to let your heart do the buying. Plan your budget as early as now so you won’t go overboard with the spending during the event.

3. Have patience.

We have to wait for the actual event to happen, the loading screens, courier delivery times. We need to be patient and understand that there would always be limitations. But, it would be worth it in the end.

4. Spread the word.

The more people talking about it, the better, for more people are given the chance to finally take part in this year’s book fair, especially those in the provinces.

We are celebrating the success of hundreds of local authors, storytellers, and people in the industry who continue to thrive in this ever-changing world. Let us continue to support local businesses while encouraging more people to indulge in a good book.

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