Tips for Choosing the Right Yoga Outfit

Practicing yoga necessitates present moment awareness, attention, and comfort. As much as possible, you would want to eliminate or reduce distractions, so you can focus on your asana and breathing. The smallest details, including the fabric you are wearing, can take away from being present in the practice. Choosing the right yoga outfit can keep you in alignment with your practice and focused on what matters – the yoga practice itself.

Here are some tips on how to choose the right yoga outfit for you. 

1. Opt for what feels most comfortable to you.

Yoga isn’t just about poses or breathing, or strength. It’s also about honoring the inner you. Part of that is wearing something that makes you comfortable and that makes you feel good about yourself. Forget about standards. This is about you. 

2. Your yoga outfit should ensure easeful movement.

Avoid clothes that are too baggy or loose, including shorts or loose pants that may bunch up when doing inverted positions. As well, avoid wearing tops with loose necklines. 

Opt for comfortable, stretchable, body-hugging wear that allows you to breathe, bend, stretch, and work any pose with ease. Female yogis usually wear tops that have built-in bra support, plus stretchable tights or capri pants with an elastic waist. 

Men usually wear surfer boardshorts, capri pants, or tights.

3. Opt for clothing that can double for other purposes.

Whether you’re practicing outside or at home, you would want to wear (or at least bring) essentials that serve a double purpose. Always keep a shawl handle, either for pre and after-yoga class. A shawl can also be used for your yoga nidra practice.

If you’re doing groceries or running errands before or after yoga pants particularly those made of tweed pair well with silk, cotton-blend, and linen topics.

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