You can Watch these 4 Local Indie Films for Free through Cinema ‘76

While cinema watching is still quite far from becoming a reality again, Cinema ‘76, the pioneering micro-cinema offering classic and contemporary Filipino and foreign films, is bringing the cinema to your home!

The film society, which has a micro-cinema in San Juan and Anonas, has created Cinema ‘76 @ Home, a digital platform where you can stream local indie films.

Currently, the platform offers three amazing films from TBA Studios – the studio behind Cinema ’76 and classics like Goyo and Heneral Luna – for free streaming. Check them out below!

Water Lemon (2015)

Water Lemon is a tale about relationships, loneliness, and the innate longing to connect and see beyond what lies in one’s world. Filmed in the seaside town of Mauban in Quezon, it tells the story of Lolo Ume, widow Pina, and her son, Filemon (an eccentric hydrologist with Asperger’s), whose lives are intertwined through water – and how we often tend to take it for granted.

Matangtubig (2015)

This dark thriller sees the quiet town of Matangtubig, a lake town with zero crime rate, become disrupted by the murder and rape of a teen girl, and another one who is missing. As the town’s annual fiesta approaches, the case becomes a sort of circus, with politicians and media dipping their hands in for personal gains. The evil lurking in the lake threatens to further complicate matters.

Write About Love

This light and heartwarming rom-com is about an amateur writer who’s had no experience in intimate relationships and was forced to work with a seasoned writer. Together, they must revise a romantic script revolving around singer Joyce and engineer Marco. Apart from offering an inside look at script writing, the movie shows you a general overview of love – pains and varying reasons included.

Gayuma (2015)

An erotic dive into art, obsessions, and family secrets, this drama-thriller follows Mike, a Fine Arts student who meets a mysterious model, Stella. Stay until the end for the huge twist. 

Note: This film contains plenty of sexual content and is very graphic (and definitely NSFW). It is more suited to mature audiences.

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