3 Key Health Benefits of Long Distance Biking

If you think about it, biking might just be the best mode of traveling there is. It is the cheapest, most fun, and most eco-friendly way to reach places – while also getting your body in top shape! Those trusty pedals aren’t just good for an errand run or a quick stop to your nearest convenience store either. They can reach farther distances and urge you to explore more of the great outdoors, where many wild, off-road adventures await.

Now that public vehicles are scarce, bicycles are slowly being reintroduced as the “new normal” way of transport. We live in times when health and safety are at risk, so it is best to have a safe outdoor activity that can boost our physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Here are 3 key benefits of long distance biking to these 3 aspects of your overall fitness.

A sound physique

Any good exercise can lead to a sound physique, so what makes long distance biking any different?

Biking is a cardio and toning exercise in one. It improves heart health and blood pressure levels, while increasing muscular strength and endurance. It targets not just the lower body parts responsible for putting pressure on the pedal, but the upper body parts as well – responsible for posture, stability, weight shifting, and maneuvers.

Spinning for just about 3 to 4 kilometres per day can do wonders for your body: from lower risk of nervous and cardiovascular disease, to a better and leaner built perfect for hitting the beaches once they open. Needless to say, if you’ve gotten a few lines heavier since quarantine, you might want to check out your nearest cycle shack for ideas.

Sharper mind and better self-esteem

The brain needs a good amount of stimulation every so often to maintain its proper functioning. Biking, especially in lengthy distances, enhances brain stimulation by way of exercising motor skills. Such skills include directional awareness, rhythmic movement (pedaling), road attentiveness, balance, coordination, and more.

Working towards fitness goals can also drastically improve your confidence and self-esteem, especially once you see the hard work paying off. Getting involved in a bikers’ community is also a huge plus, as it lets you meet people of the same interests who will motivate you to keep up. All these drives and perks will serve to keep you pumped and ready to conquer the road.

Less stress, improved moods

Aerobic exercise is a proven-and-tested way of increasing endorphins naturally. This explains the satisfying feeling of a post-workout burn, or the euphoric burst of energy and happiness after achieving a certain fitness goal. Having a daily dose of high intensity aerobics is a mood booster that can effectively keep anxiety and depression at bay.

This explains why outdoor long distance biking is and will always be a wonderful stress reliever. Taking a breath of fresh air in a breezy tree avenue while listening to the pristine sounds of nature can help you relax, loosen up, and meditate. Simply sightseeing around the neighbourhood during a lengthy morning ride is also a refreshing way to start the day. This healthy release is vital in order to overcome the emotional woes of being in quarantine.

When it comes to both travel and fitness, don’t be afraid to try new things. If you think long distance biking fits your needs and your lifestyle best then strap on that helmet, make those wheels spin, and give it a shot!

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