4 Road Safety Tips for Cyclists

Bicycles have been a major mode of transportation for many years. Aside from having several benefits, cycling is also eco-friendly.

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought a lot of changes in our cities. The number of motor vehicles on the road decreased drastically during the lockdown. People have turned to bikes as their mode of transportation.

Before taking on the road with your bike, it is best to be careful at all times. Read on as we discuss these four road safety tips for cyclists.

1. Choose the right bike size.

Like shoes and clothes, bicycles also come in different sizes. Having the proper bike size offers comfort and proper handling. When riding a bike, you do not want your knees bumping on the handlebars or not to be able to pedal smoothly. Choosing the right bike size will get rid of these problems.

To know the right bike frame size, stand over the middle of the bike’s top tube. Between you and the bicycle, there must be a two to four inches clearance for mountain bikes and one to two inches for road bikes. You do not have to worry about the height of the seat. Once you have found the right bike frame size, you can easily adjust it.

2. Wear proper gear.

Before hitting the road, equip yourself with safety gear. Wearing bright or neon clothes can make you visible to drivers. The best way to be noticeable is to wear these types of clothing for your feet or legs. Your feet and legs create a motion which makes them an attention grabber. The pedal motion catches the eye of motorists.

Always wear your helmet too. Wearing a well-fitted bike helmet has been proven to protect the head from injuries. Install reflectors and lights on your bike especially if you are cycling at night or in harsh weather.

3. Stay away from the door zone.

Cyclists being hit by car doors is a common accident and can cause fatality. When navigating busy streets, anticipating when car doors will open is impossible, so remember to leave enough space when passing by cars. If you cannot avoid the door zone, reduce your speed. It is a good idea to use bells or any device to let people know you are there. Be alert of pedestrians too.

4. Use body language.

Communicating with other drivers through hand signals is important. When you are going to switch lanes, look over your shoulders to see if there are cars behind you. You can also extend one arm in the direction you are turning as a signal. Putting a rear-view mirror on your bike is advisable. Eye contact also helps in communicating with other drivers and cyclists too. If possible, avoid using sunglasses with dark lenses.

Riding a bicycle is a lot of fun and health benefits. Remember to follow traffic rules and implement these road safety tips to have the best bike experience. Ride safe!

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