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7 Foods to Boost Your Productivity this Quarantine

Power through your deadlines with these superfoods!

Online classes and working from home have its up sides and down sides. —No traffic, more time with family, you’ll save money.

Unfortunately, with so many distractions available—your bed, your TV, you name it, studying and working remotely can also be a struggle.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the foods we eat have a profound impact on our work output.

Apart from exercise and sleep, eating the right foods can increase brainpower, motivation, and overall productivity.

So the next time you’re feeling unmotivated, try eating these superfoods to boost your productivity and help you get work done:

1. Eggplant

Eggplant is a good option to have when you need a productivity boost.

Dubbed as the brain food, eggplant is a rich source of phytonutrients that boost cognitive function like memory power, analytical thinking and overall mental health.

It also contains nasunin, a powerful antioxidant that protects our brain cell membranes from damage, which helps you achieve clear focus and sharp thinking.

2. Banana

With just the right amount of glucose and carbs, bananas make you feel full longer, thus preventing you from making multiple trips to the kitchen.

It’s also packed with B-vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that help your brain synthesize neurotransmitter to keep your mind sharp and increase the ability to pay attention and learn.

Studies show that bananas help improve mood and lower stress levels.

3. Egg

Another great addition to your diet if you wish to be productive all day is eggs.

Packed with B-vitamins choline, and lutein that are important for the brain and nervous system to function effectively, eggs help improve memory and speed up reaction times.

Just be sure to enjoy the whole egg including the yolk, where choline and lutein are found.

4. Avocado

The good, old avocado is also a superfood for the brain!

Avocados are full of heart-healthy fats that ensure sufficient blood flow around the heart and through the brain.

The monosaturated fats in avocados lower cortisol levels and protect a specific type of brain cell called astrocytes which support the function of the information-carrying nerves.

It also contains Omega-3 that boost your mood—lowering your stress levels and risk of Alzheimer’s disease.

5. Coffee

Starting your day with your daily cup joe can help you power through deadlines.

Because of its high caffeine content, coffee help increase alertness, mood and concentration.

Studies show that the peak effect on our brain occurs 15 to 45 minutes after drinking the coffee and the total effect lasts around two hours.

6. Nuts

Grab a handful of cashews, almonds or walnuts to replenish your energy and power up your brain.

Nuts are loaded with antioxidants, vitamin E and amino acid that are important for brain health.

Recent research also indicates that nut consumption is associated to better cognitive function, enhanced memory, learning and attention capacity.

7. Green tea

Another option to have on a busy day is green tea.

Loaded with amino acid called L-theanine and caffeine, green tea improves focus and helps the brain stay alert.

Studies show that the combination of the two compounds is linked to improved brain function and cognitive performance.

This article was medically reviewed by Rodrigo Payson, RND.

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