7 Local Fitness Celebrities to Follow

Now more than ever, we’ve seen a rise in fitness influencers sharing their home workout routine.

If you’re feeling a little down and ot in the mood to make that extra effort to stay fit today, here are some of the Philippine’s hottest fitness celebs on IG today to give that much needed boost!

Erwan Heusaff

Known for his inspiring transformation from an obese kid to a social media hunk, Erwan now shares his story in his blog, The Fat Kid Inside, which has inspired thousands of people to embark on their own journey of transformation, too.

Erwan also runs a YouTube Channel where he shares his healthy food and cooking videos and travel vlogs.

Follow Erwan on instagram: @erwan

Nikki Torres

Starting out as a yoga instructor, Nikki has now estabilshed a career as a full-pledged fitness coach. She pioneered #NTSweat, a fun and sweat-inducing dance workout.

She also blogs at Pretty Darn Fit where she shares tips on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle with readers.

Follow Nikki on instagram:@nkitorres

Aubrey Miles

Aubrey is a professional actress, TV host, and model. She is also a certified fitness trainer who has more than a million followers on her Instagram account.

During quarantine, she can be seen with her partner Troy Monter performing couple workouts and inspiring other couples also to take part of their fitness challenge.

You can follow Aubrey on Instagram:@milesaubrey

Wil Dasovich

Wil began his career as a television personality and has appeared in various shows including Pinoy Big Brother.

Will is best known for his vlogs on YouTube, which showcase his travel experiences in the Philippines. Only a small amount of people associate him as a fitness personality, that’s until he started showing his daily workouts on IG.

Follow Wil on Instagram:@wil_dasovich

Joao Micael V. Constancia

Joao is known for his dance and choreography skills. He started his dance career back when he was in Macau, and early on he is already participating in different contests.

Joao is also one of the founding members of BoyBand PH Group, a boyband managed by Star Magic.

You can follow Joao on Instagram: @imjoaoconz

Jackie Go

Jackie is a mother of 2, an active lifestyle and yoga practitioner, and a blogger. She shares her experiences on family, lifestyle, and fitness on Go Jackie Go.

Follow Jackie on Instagram: @gojackiego

Ella Cruz

Ella is an actress whose career started in product endorsements and commercial modeling.

She is best known though as a dancer who shares choreography videos on her YouTube Channel. She has more than 1 million subscribers to date.

Follow Ella on Instagram: @ellacruz

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