8 Auspicious House Plants to Bring You Luck this 2021

Wishing for good fortune and prosperity this year? Turn to plants, say Feng Shui experts.

The Chinese are known for referring to feng shui for just about anything inside the home: from positioning a door or a bed, to adding or removing pieces in a particular room. The concept of feng shui focuses on arranging (or rearranging) items within a space to establish energy, harmony, and balance with the environment.

Experts say that this includes plants that we place inside the home. Plants carry a natural positive vibe and have been scientifically proven to revitalize one’s energy too!

In general, feng shui experts recommend adding plants to a room where you are aiming to add more vibrancy, energy, and prosperity, just enough to enhance the good juju in it and not too overly done that it overwhelms the space.

For 2021, experts suggest adding any of these lucky plants to bring good fortune and abundance into your home. 

Peace lily

With its fresh, rejuvenating white blooms, this tropical plant is popular in both living and working spaces. It keeps negative energy away and is often added for health and protection againstr illness. It’s also an incredible versatile, air-purifying plant that grows well indoors with little maintenance required. Make sure to keep it a safe distance away from pets and kids though, as it can be toxic if ingested. 

Money tree (pachira)

A favorite among those who are hoping for more financial abundance, the money tree or pachira is famous for its beautiful, braided branches that converge to form a single trunk. Experts say this does not only attract plentiful opportunities, but also symbolizes multiplication of good fortune. As in the case of other wealth-attracting plants, experts recommend placing your money tree in a location that’s facing west or southeast for better results.

Apart from wealth, the money tree also works to cleanse the air around your home. 

Lucky bamboo

A classic favorite for attracting luck, lucky bamboo symbolizes stability and good fortune.

This super flexible plant can be decorated to create different shapes or patterns, can grow in either water or soil, and can withstand low light, making it the perfect decor for dull corners. 


If you’re looking for something that keeps mosquitoes at bay and also attracts prosperity, look no further than the trusty basil. This herb is placed for luck in business ventures, good health, and protection against illnesses. It’s also versatile – able to thrive in both water and soil.

Jade plant

An ever-popular succulent among households and offices, the jade plant is often placed inside homes for prosperity, harmony, and success.

Rubber plant

Want luck in love and relationships? Plant a rubber tree. Rubber plants or rubber trees (also called Ficus) can be placed inside the house to help cultivate healthy, harmonious, and long-lasting relationships. 

Snake plant

A popular indoor plant that’s nearly impossible to kill, snake plants are known for their strength and air-purifying properties. Feng shui experts say they also counteract negative energy.


Originally from Brazil, the calathea is another excellent plant to grow indoors if you’re looking for one to cleanse circulating air. Their beautiful green, purple, and white hues are among the prettiest, and are said to bring in an uplifting energy and happiness. It also does well with indirect sunlight or low light, making it the perfect addition to your home.

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