8 Exercises To Stay in Shape While in Bed During the Quarantine

Whether you are learning new activities or spending your days idle, however you choose to spend them during the enhanced community quarantine is totally okay. But during this health crisis, maintenance of good health is essential. Thus, one should still find time to engage in regular exercises.

While you couldn’t hit the gym or go outdoors for a run, you can still transform your body with these doable exercises in bed.

1. Side plank

Spice up your regular planks by lying on your side instead. Place your forearm on the bed to support your body. Keep your elbow directly underneath your shoulder. Lift your hips and extend your legs in one straight line. Hold for 30 seconds on each side. This workout is amazing for your oblique and inner core muscles.

2. Bicycle crunches

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BICYCLE CRUNCH TIPS // Today I want to cover one of my favorite abdominal exercises! It primarily targets your obliques… but hits allll the abs 🙌🏼 ↠ Start on your back with both knees pulled up towards your chest. ↠ Stabilize your core by pressing your pelvis + lower back into the ground {preferably a soft surface, like a mat} ↠ Place your hands behind your head. *If your neck tends to get sore during core, interlock your fingers behind your head and slightly press your head back into your palms… this turns on the posterior neck muscles and allows your anterior muscles to relax a bit* ↠ Next, kick one leg straight out in front of you and pull the opposite knee in tighter to your chest… all while keeping both feet dorsi flexed {toes up} ↠ Use your obliques to pull your chest + elbow towards your knee. + Try to do this at the same time as you pull the knee in! ↠ GOAL is to touch the elbow and knee… but good form is always the key!! ↠ Alternate side to side, and try to avoid resting in between reps. ↠ Keep your shoulder blades slightly off the ground… this will help activate the rectus abdominus {6 pack} even more! ↠ MODIFICATIONS: If you are just starting out, start with both feet on the ground in front of you {like you would do for basic crunches}. Then march one knee into the chest and reach elbow to knee, all while keeping the other foot planted on the ground. Alternate side to side! Enjoy! 💙 Tag a workout buddy!! 💪🏼

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Lie flat on the bed. Support your head with your hands and lift your shoulder blades. Bend both knees. Bring right knee towards your left elbow while at the same time, extending your left leg out. Do this alternately and make sure to not put any strain on your neck. Move your torso and squeeze your core to target your abs.

3. Arm circles

Tone your arms and eliminate unnecessary underarm fat by extending your arms sideways, aligned with your shoulders. Start moving them in circular motion backwards for 30 seconds and reverse for another 30 seconds.

4. Glute bridge hold

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THE GLUTE BRIDGE! This is one of the main exercises I always incorporate in my sessions. It’s a winner when it comes to targeting our entire glutes & core. It is without doubt one of the best exercises to strengthen both of these areas. It also does a lot more than just tighten your glutes. It helps build power & can make you stronger in other exercises, too. It improves posture, if you spend a lot of your day sitting, your glute muscles can loosen & get weaker, the hip flexors in the front of your thighs can shorten, making them tight. Over time, this can cause you to slouch, as your tight hip flexors pull you forward and your weak glutes aren’t strong enough to pull you back upright. When this happens, our body compensates by using the low back & quadriceps for most of our daily activities, which can lead to strain on the lower back creating even more muscle imbalances. By activating the entire back of our body, the glute bridge exercise helps build a strong muscular support system for our spine & lower back, protecting it against strain, pain & injuries. The glute bridge has so many variations you’re almost guaranteed to never get bored or plateau. Getting creative with bands, weights & mini balls adds a whole new dimension to glute isolation & core strengthening, definitely a winner when it comes to aesthetics & performance! #glutebridge #glutebridges #glutebridgeraises #glutebridgehold #hiprolls #hiproll #glutes #glutesworkout #gluteactivation #glutework #gluteus #coreworkout #core #coreexercises #corestrengthening #coretraining #corework #hipflexors #hipflexorstrength #hipflexorstretch #backstrengthening #lowbackstrength #lowerback #lowerbackworkout #lumber #strengthen #strengthening

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Start on a lying position with your arms on your side. Bend your knees while keeping your legs and hips width apart. Lift your butt as high as possible. Squeeze and hold for 30 seconds for optimal burn on the glutes and hamstrings.

5. Leg pulses

Work your inner thigh by lying on your side with your forearm on the bed. Lift your right leg up and do small pulses. Do not drop for 1 minute before proceeding to the other side.

6. Russian twists

Sit on your bed and extend your legs out straight – the lower, the better. But make sure to keep it off the ground. Lean your torso back while engaging your core. Twist from side to side while keeping your legs steady for 1 minute. This effective ab exercise strengthens your core, obliques, and spine.

7. Side plank with reach under

Start with a side plank position. Extend your top arm, reach under your torso with your hand, and then reverse motion. Repeat for 30 seconds and proceed to the other side. This exercise works your arm, core, and legs.

8. Tricep dips

Begin with a sitting position, with your legs in front of your body. Bend your knees and place your hands behind your hips. Straighten your arms while lifting your hips up, then bending it while slowly dropping the hips back down. Make sure to put pressure on your triceps and engage your core to maintain proper form.

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