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Fruit Pickings for Sweet Cravings: Orchards in the Philippines

1. Grapes from Lomboy Farms – La Union

Whether you live in La Union or just visiting, what better place to spend your day than going grape picking? For only ₱100 per person (children 13 and below are free of charge) while a kilo of grapes costs between ₱300 to ₱350.

The best times to go there are usually between the end of March through May. After picking under the scorching sun, settle down for their free wine and grape tasting, even better if you bring cheese and crackers along for a small snack. Crunchy and sweet guapples are also sold per kilo – be sure to pick some up too. Overall, a great experience for adults and children alike to learn about the agricultural sector of the Philippines.

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  • Address: 68 MacArthur Highway, Bauang, La Union
  • Contact Number: (072) 705 2105 / 0939 623 5020 / 0916 433 4334
  • Operating Hours: 6:00AM – 3:00PM (Sat & Sun) / 6:00AM – 5:00PM (Mon to Fri)
  • Google Maps Link
  • Facebook Link

2. Oranges from Rock Inn and Cafe – Sagada, Mt. Province

Race through Rock Farm’s orange plantation for 30 minutes, eating all the oranges you can for ₱50 per person. Using garden shears, cut, peel and snack on juicy fruits as long as you make sure they’re ripe for eating! What about the oranges that you were not able to eat? You still need to purchase them for ₱60-₱120/kg depending on the variety.

The orchard welcomes explorers craving to smell the sweet citrus and mingle with the local gardeners that may give out interesting gardening tips. Feel free to hang out at the cafe or chill out in cozy hotel rooms ranging from ₱1,300 – ₱4,800 a night. With rooms available for up to 8 people, rest assured that everyone gets a comfortable bed to sleep in though, mattresses seem big enough to fit two people if you’re okay with sharing.

Come around late October to January to chance upon orange picking season, when they are beautifully ripe and citrusy.

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3. Pili Fruits from the Haciendas de Naga Adventure Park – Naga City

Under the shade of Pili trees, the 82-hectare property houses a marriage between nature and architecture for the original trees on the mountain still intact. The Pili Park and Camp Site, a favorite among the youngsters, is where most activities take place while enjoying the wonders of the Pili nuts freely available to be picked from the trees.

Fishing piers, a wildlife and dinosaur park, and lifesize statues of superheroes are other fun attractions to check out while there. Restaurants, event halls, other amenities like a golfing range are available.

Entrance fees cost ₱100-₱150, with an additional ₱150 if you’d like to use the pool. But if you’re staying the night, rates can go up to ₱5,200 without the additional expenses for the golf course and zip line. Though expensive, when shared between a group, it is more manageable.

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4. Raspberries from Bangkong Kahoy Valley – Dolores, Quezon

Past the barangay hall (after paying a ₱10 toll and a ₱70/person entrance fee), enjoy on top of the cold valley nestled between Mount Banahaw and Mount Cristobal. Explore, picnic, go horseback riding, or zipline through the area on a crisp morning. Then, roll up a huge leaf and get to foraging wild raspberries (and mulberries) around the valley. A kilo is around ₱400.

You can also buy fresh juice and jam for ₱150 each. Lunch and breakfast menus offer dishes costing ₱80 – ₱200 a plate. And if you’re low on groceries, shop at their “Honesty Store” where you shop organics and drop the cash in a box.

If you’re staying the night, don’t forget to pack extra blankets and jackets!

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