Move Over, Beef: Shakey’s Launches Plant-Based Goood Burger

Photo by Shakey's

If you like your burger lean, Shakey’s has good news for you. The renowned pizza chain recently launched a plant-based burger called Goood Burger.

Promising to taste “as good as any meat-based product out there, but is much healthier and friendlier to the environment”, the vegan patty is sourced from “unMeat”, a plant-based meat provider owned by Shakey’s sister company, Century Pacific Food Inc. (CNPF). It contains non-GMO soy protein and is free of trans-fat. 

Goood Burger comes in a delicious potato bun, with vegan thousand island dressing, catsup, and fresh, healthy veggies: tomato, white onion, pickles, and lettuce. It’s priced at P185.

Shakey’s is also known for its Vegetarian Pizza, and is said to be keen on remaining plastic-neutral. 

“We have always wanted to land on a winning formula for a plant-based menu item, with environmental and health consciousness growing within a subsegment of the population. Since then, we have been working hard alongside CNPF to come up with just the right product that meets all our requirements – healthy, tastes good, priced affordably, and positive for the planet,” said Vicente Gregorio, Shakey’s CEO and President.

Shakey’s is the latest to join the growing number of F&B chains offering plant-based food, along with Burger King and Zark’s. McDonald’s announced that it will also be launching a plant-based burger in the US in 2021, although there is still no word when and if the item will be available to the Philippines. 

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