Sushi, Taco & Nacho Bake? Get Them from Tindahan ni Aling Elsa

Photo by Tindahan ni Aling Elsa

The quarantine unleashed the inner chef and baker in many of us, which gave birth to different quarantreats – from dalgona coffee and banana bread, to sushi bake.

Did we mention sushi bake?

Considered as one of the latest food trends, people still can’t get enough of this yummy delicacy. This deconstructed sushi, baked in a pan or casserole and stacked with layers of Japanese rice and loads of toppings, has become everyone’s favorite. It’s an easy dish to eat at home. Just put a spoonful of sushi bake on nori sheets and fold it in a roll.

Aside from sushi bake, an online business, Tindahan ni Aling Elsa, also offers taco and nacho bake. Yes, you can get those three baked goods delivered right to your doorstep!

Business owner Erika Ligot used to sell cookies and cupcakes in college. Unfortunately, she didn’t have enough time to pursue her passion after she graduated. Since the quarantine began, however, she decided to dabble in baking again. Is anyone curious about Aling Elsa?

Let’s roll

Tindahan ni Aling Elsa serves two variants of sushi bake: the Aburi Sushi and Spicy Tuna. Topped with shredded kani and cheese, both contain ingredients that complement each other well. What makes it different from other sushi bakes are the homemade sesame and nori seasoning—no MSG, unlike the furikake.

The Aburi Sushi has a smoky flavor and is mixed with cream cheese, a secret sauce, and torched salmon. The Spicy Tuna has a kick to it because of the spicy tuna flakes. The savory, creamy, and cheesy flavors make it even more addictive. This sushi comes with 18 crunchy nori sheets and fish soy sauce – perfect for 2 to 3 persons.

Fun fact: Erika’s fur baby serves as her brand model.

The taco of the town

To come up with something new, Tindahan ni Aling Elsa opened its store for Mexican food lovers, too. Similar to sushi bake, you get a spoonful of taco bake or baked tacos, place it on soft taco shells, and fold it into one big bite.

This version of taco bake is stuffed with different spices, pure ground beef, onions, bell peppers, homemade signature coleslaw, and a generous amount of cheese. The perfect balance of salty and spicy creates a harmony of flavors in every bite. Plus, the oozing cheese melts in your mouth!

It’s available in snack pack with 10 soft taco shells that’s good for 1 to 2 persons. The regular size comes with 16 soft taco shells abd is good for 3 to 4 persons. Add-ons such as extra soft taco shells, diced tomatoes, and hot sauce are also available.

Caution: It’s too delectable to resist.

It’s nacho ordinary snack

Instead of pouring the sauce over tortilla chips, Tindahan ni Aling Elsa’s nacho bake (or baked nachos) lets you grab a tortilla chip and dip it in the sauce, or scoop the layers and top unto a tortilla chip. Creamier than the taco bake, the nacho bake has one layer of beef salsa (which has more tomatoes and less beef) that’s coated with homemade nacho cheese.

The nacho bake is available in one size and comes with tortilla chips that are good for 3 to 4 persons. You can either choose plain (150 grams) or cheese-flavored (115 grams) tortilla chips. Add-ons like diced tomatoes, cabbage, and hot sauce are also available.

The final verdict: heavenly. It’s a fun, meaty, and cheesy snack anyone can finish in one sitting. We guarantee one tub is not enough!

Tindahan ni Aling Elsa also offers other food products such as baby back ribs, coffee drips, pork and chicken gyoza, ready-to-bake puff pastry sold in rolls, red velvet crinkles with cream cheese filling, and kutsinta with yema dip.

Bonus point: Every order is placed in an eco-friendly container made from sugarcane bagasse, which is microwave- and oven-safe. You can reheat it and enjoy your Japanese and Mexican food cravings while being kinder to the environment.

The Essentials

Delivery info

  • Delivery hours: 3 p.m–5 p.m, same day delivery and every Monday for the sushi bake
  • Method of payment: GCash, BPI, BDO, or Paymaya
  • Delivery options: Lalamove, Grab, or Angkas

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