The Sexy Chef is Selling Taho Ice Cream & It’s Vegan

Photo by CRAVE/ The Sexy Chef

Love taho? Well, we have good news for you.

Popular diet plan delivery service The Sexy Chef now offers taho ice cream by the pint! Even better, it’s vegan, making it not just the perfect lean snack, but also a cruelty-free one too!

Called Crave Tasty Taho ice cream, this plant-based treat from Rachel Alejandro – the brains behind The Sexy Chef – consists of silken soy, all-organic coconut syrup, and sago (tapioca pearls).

One pint contains five delicious servings and sells for P550. However, you can order it at an introductory price of P380 from The Sexy Chef website.

You can also order other vegan ice cream flavors, including Chocolate (made with non-GMO soy milk, unsweetened cocoa powder, and organic coco syrup) and Peanut Butter (sweetened with coconut sugar syrup), from CRAVE via their website. Both are priced at P380 per pint as well.

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