Treat Yourself to Auro Chocolate QuaranTreats for a Good Cause

Photo by Auro Chocolate

In moments of difficulty or despair in the Philippines, it’s great to be constantly reminded of the best things we’ve got – including comfort food! And can there be a better comfort food than chocolate? Maybe ice cream. You can get them both from the award-winning and internationally acclaimed Auro Chocolate.

Auro Chocolate proves there’s no no shortage of Filipino talents and brands that make the nation proud. And it shouldn’t come as a surprise though, what with the country’s rich natural and cultural heritage.

Auro Chocolate Ice Cream and Gelato

Ice cream and gelato may technically be the same, but they do have differences. One difference is authentic gelato uses less cream and more milk than ice cream. Also, gelato usually doesn’t have egg yolks, which are commonly included in ice cream. Auro Chocolate has both ice cream and gelato.

Auro Chocolate, in collaboration with The Lost Bread, a local dessert shop, and Hapag, a Filipino diner, launched a new line of ice cream with Pinoy flavors in September. Fans of banana cue, champorado, and espasol can now enjoy these Filipino snacks in ice cream form and with Auro Chocolate bits in them.

Earlier this year, Auro Chocolate introduced a gelato line for its QuaranTreats program. These QuaranTreats are designed to satisfy chocolate cravings despite the community quarantine. However, they’re only currently available for delivery in Metro Manila.


Get the Salted Caramel Gelato with chocolate-covered cacao nibs while it’s on promo. From its original price of Php450, it’s now Php360 for a 473 ml pint size. The Hazelnut Stracciatella Gelato, which has dark chocolate bits, and Cappuccino Gelato, which has a rich coffee flavor cost Php350 for each pint. Or you can have the three gelato flavors for only Php1,000.

GelaTwo Vegan Bundle

What’s ice cream or gelato without milk? It can still be possible, and Auro Chocolate added to its QuaranTreats something for the vegans. Try the plant-based, non-dairy strawberry and chocolate gelatos, which are made creamy with cacao butter. The strawberries of the strawberry-flavored gelato are mostly sourced directly from Baguio farmers.

Why Support Auro Chocolate

Aside from its partnership with local cacao farmers that helps level up the cacao industry in the Philippines, Auro Chocolate donates 20% of the proceeds from every purchased kit to Philippine Red Cross, Philippine General Hospital, and Makati Medical Center. The donation comes in the form of chocolate. A thank you note for the frontliners can also be attached to the donation.

More Collaborations

In addition to the QuaranTreats, you might also want to check out other products Auro Chocolate has partnered with. Catch the limited-edition chocolate tea bars in collaboration with Serenitea that come in matcha white chocolate with pili nuts and earl grey milk chocolate with sunflower seeds.

For doughnut lovers, you might want to try Poison Coffee & Doughnuts’ Champorado and Salted Dark Chocolate sourdough-brioche doughnuts. Both flavors have Auro Chocolate’s single-origin 64% dark chocolate.

The Essentials

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