What You Need to Know Travel-Wise about the Reinstated GCQ and ECQ

With the threat of the COVID19 Delta variant – which has been noted as the main driver of increased hospitalizations in the US and India – Malacañang announced that Metro Manila will once again be placed on general community quarantine (GCQ) with heightened restrictions from July 30 to August 5. From August 6 to 20, NCR will be enhanced community quarantine (ECQ), the most prohibitive of all quarantine classifications. 

For people who are planning to travel, whether for leisure or essential purposes, the quarantine classifications can be quite confusing, especially when there are certain restrictions that may vary depending on LGU protocol.

To help refresh your memory, here are some basic travel guidelines on what is allowed and what is not depending on your city’s classification. Note that this is based on both IATF and DOT guidelines.

Under Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ) and General Community Quarantine with Heightened Restrictions (GCQ-HR)


  • Return flights for travelers who are residents of NCR+ 
  • Leisure travelers who are already checked in their accommodation for staycations and/ or leisure travel as of July 29
  • Authorized Persons Outside their Residences (APORs) traveling in and out of NCR+

Not allowed

  • Leisure flights
  • All non-essential travel to and from the NCR+ bubble
  • Staycation hotels 
  • Indoor attractions (museums, parks, etcetera)
  • Acceptance of NCR+ leisure travelers to DOT-accredited accommodations located outside NCR+ 
  • All social events and mass gatherings
  • Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Exhibitions (MICE)

Under Modified Enhanced Community Quarantine


  • Public shuttle service for frontliners and essential workers
  • Motorcycle with maximum of 1 person 
  • Bicycle with maximum of  1 person 
  • Company shuttle and company rented vehicles approved by LTFRB
  • Private vehicles for permitted sectors with maximum of 2 persons per row
  • E-scooter/ e-bike with maximum of 1 person

Not allowed 

All public transport are suspended including:

  • Public buses
  • TVNs
  • Jeepneys
  • Taxis
  • Rail transport 
  • Tricycles

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