You Can Now Buy Affordable Books from Booksale via Shopee

Photo by Booksale

With many still stuck at home (voluntary or not), fumbling through piles of cheap, secondhand books at Booksale seems to be a distant memory.

But it doesn’t have to be.

On September 16, the beloved book shop – which has 91 stores spread across the country – announced that bookworms can now purchase hot titles online. Initially, Booksale offered titles on Facebook, and customers can buy bestsellers like the Divergent and Hunger Games series by sending a Facebook message. But on September 28, Palanca winner Shakira Sison, whose father owns Booksale, announced an even better deal: readers can now easily buy books from Booksale through Shopee! 

You can check their Shopee inventory here.

“Yes it’s true that BookSale is online, and my dear father is asking for your support to help keep his employees afloat, most of whom have been with him for decades,” wrote Sison on Twitter.

As of writing, Booksale has 134 titles up for grabs (update as of October 26: there is now a total of 306 books on Shopee), which includes textbooks, fiction, self-help, health and fitness, comics/ manga, children’s books, non-fiction, and cookbooks, among others. Customers can choose to have their orders picked up or delivered straight to their doorsteps via Grab, Lalmove, or their chosen courier. 

Sison added that while there is “no database across all 91 stores”, the staff are always ready to sift through their respective piles to find titles that customers need. 

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