Yummy, Artistic Pastries from Silva’s Chocolates & Pastries

Photos from Silva's Chocolates & Pastries

If you ever find yourself in need of quality, artistic pastries and cakes for events (or personal consumption) in Batangas, phone Silva’s Chocolates & Pastries. This small family-owned retail business is well-loved in its hometown for cakes and pastries that are moist and offer just the right amount of toothsome sweetness to delight the taste buds.

Photos from Silva’s Chocolates & Pastries
Carrot Walnut Cake. Photos from Silva’s Chocolates & Pastries.

Patrons also make a trip her for their eye-candy custom-made cakes and cupcakes, which are made from scratch by a locally renowned pastry chef. Silva’s chef, who also dabbles in art, lends his artistic expertise to every pastry he designs, from colorful cakes he designs using a spatula to yummy unicorn cupcakes.

Unicorn cupcakes. Photos from Silva’s Chocolates & Pastries

You can start by ordering the best-selling chocolate cake, or choose from any of these customer favorites:

  • Carrot walnut cake
  • Colorful cake
  • New York cheesecake
  • Spatula cake
Spatula cake. Photos from Silva’s Chocolates & Pastries
Best-selling chocolate cake. Photos from Silva’s Chocolates & Pastries

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