5 Heartwarming Movies to Welcome 2021

2020’s energy dampened everyone’s spirits, but thankfully having 2021 brings new promise and hope. To help revitalize your spirit, check out these 10 light, fun, and uplifting films to keep you company as you welcome the new year.

Bridget Jones’s Diary

The quintessential New Year’s movie – and especially popular among the ladies – the first of three popular film installments – chronicles the life of Bridget Jones, a 30-something Londoner whose preoccupations include alcohol, cigarettes, her weight, and her lovelife (or lack thereof). We find Bridget trying to create and keep up with her New Year’s Resolutions around these things – and sometimes, failing miserably, but with the support of a fab circle of friends – and later on, a socially awkward yet dashing Mr. Darcy.

About Time 

Twenty-one year old Tim discovers on New Year’s Day that the men in his family can time travel. He uses this ability to create a storybook ending for his lovelife – and succeeds along the way. He wins the heart of the woman of her dreams after time traveling to their first meeting again and again, but he also learns that there are some things we can’t change in other people’s lives no matter how much we try to correct them.

While You Were Sleeping

Set in Christmas-y Chicago, this box office hit centers on Lucy, a lonely train token collector, who saves Peter, a handsome lawyer after he gets mugged and falls into a coma. While in the hospital, she meets his equally dashing brother, Jack. Peter wakes up on New Year’s day, and things get complicated from there. Although the movie uses formulaic rom-com ingredients, it is the perfectly casted characters and the surprise ending that proves to be its charms.

About A Boy

Adapted from the successful Nick Hornby novel, this rom-com tells the story of Will, a no-job, no-commitments bachelor living off the royalties of his father’s wildly popular Christmas song. Will somehow formulates a plan to take advantage of single moms by pretending he is a single parent himself – which leads to a chance meeting with Marcus, a boy living with a depressed single mother played by the incredibly versatile Toni Collette. Though adamant at staying single and childless till his death, Will later learns valuable lessons about growing up, thanks to an 11-year old boy.

200 Cigarettes

This fun 1999 film takes place in New Year’s Eve of 1981, where several 20-somethings figure out love, loneliness, and life and make the best of what they have  – and encountering some nice surprises along the way. It features an ensemble cast including Christina Ricci, Jay Mohr, Ben Affleck, Janeane Garofalo, Dave Chapelle, Paul Rudd, Kate Hudson, and Courtney Love.

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