5 Spas in Manila Worth Trying, from Budget to Luxury

Photo from CHI the Spa

BlueWater Day Spa

Rate: P750

When it comes to affordable and quality pampering experience, BlueWater Day Spa has always been a strong contender. Whatever branch you choose, you’re sure to enjoy the same relaxing vibe and A1 service, which starts with complimentary tea or coffee upon your arrival. Each guest is also given clean slippers, tower, a robe, and shorts. Be sure to arrive ahead of time, so you can enjoy the sauna and shower room – both of which are free to use, regardless of your choice of treatment. You can reserve through their app or by calling in.

The spa is well-renowned for its array of massages, including massage services specifically designed for expectant moms, as well as massages for athletes.

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QiWellness (Makati)

Rate: P880

QiWellness became hugely popular when it first opened in Tagaytay, thanks to The Bathhouse, one of its three facilities in the Chinese-themed resort. The Bathhouse features the Opium Den, where massage treatments are done. The good news is you don’t have to make your way to Tagaytay to experience QiWellness signature spa treatments. They now have one in Picasso Boutique Hotel. QiWellness Makati takes inspiration from its Tagaytay counterpart, transporting guests to China with its Asian-style interiors. 

Soothe your tires muscles with a variety of massages, including the signature Qitranquility, while you listen to Zen music. Post-session, you’ll be treated to a little tea ceremony – a perfect ending to your relaxing journey. 

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 The Spa

Rate: P1,012

Founded in 1996, The Spa is arguably the pillar of spa facilities in the Philippines. To date it has 7 branches, all located in trendy malls and key cities. What makes The Spa stand out is its hotel-like treatment rooms, which range from 6 to 9-beds Deluxe Rooms to private Premium Villas that come with their own jacuzzi and steam bath. Aside from an assortment of body massages, facial, scalp, body, foot, and massages treatment, The Spa also partnered with barre3 and Skin Dermatology and Laser, so you can either take barre3 classes or dermatology consuls and treatments before or after your spa treatments. 

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Willow Stream Spa, Raffles Makati

Rate: P5,000 (Executive Recharge

While a little on the high-end spectrum, Willow Stream Spa offers more than your money’s worth with its swanky and fully equipped facility and personalized treatments. Prior to treatments, you will have a little chat with a dedicated massage therapist to discuss exactly how you want your treatment to feel and look like. 

Guests here are assigned their own lockers and given complimentary access to the sauna and hot pool. Massage beds are operated fully with push buttons, so you can luxuriate exactly the way you want at any time during the session.

Don’t miss their signature Executive Recharge treatment – it’s heavenly!

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CHI the Spa, EDSA Shangri-La 

Rate: P7,600 (Royal Hammam Treatment)

If you’re willing to shell out more cash to be treated like royalty during your spa day, we highly recommend CHI the Spa in Edsa Shang. 

Per Shangri-La tradition, this sanctuary places a premium on exclusivity, guests are promised a relaxing spa experience in soothing, Asian-themed rooms.

A must-do here is their Royal Hammam Treatment, an experience that takes after traditional hammams in Turkey. This luxurious trademark service is done inside private hammam suites, each equipped with its own bedroom, a private bathroom, steam room, changing room, a pool, a tub, and an outdoor patio. Like a Turkish bath, it begins with streaming, followed by a body scrub, then a foam bath using soap straight from Turkey. Your masseuse will also apply and milk and honey on your skin and wash your hair, before sending you to a rejuvenating one-hour massage. It truly doesn’t get any better than that.

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