Burger King Introduces Plant-Based Whopper

Photo by Burger King

As the reality and effects of climate change becomes even more apparent, more and more F&B providers are trying to create greener initiatives to help combat climate change. 

One of them is Burger King, who recently announced the introduction of the flame-grilled Plant-Based Whopper in Metro Manila and Luzon branches beginning November 16. BK will begin serving the meatless burger in other stores too on November 26. 

The fastfood giant, known for its flame-grilled beef patties, debuted said meatless burger in the US last year. Just like its predecessor, BK’s plant-based Whopper has the same old yummy bun, vegetables, and mayonnaise, but the patty is made with 100% soy protein beef patty. Sourced from V2Food, a leading plant-based meat company in Australia, BK promised the soy patty is “made with plants, (but) tastes like beef”.

Not only will this be a healthier alternative to beef patty, it’s also friendlier to the environment.

Price starts at P89 for the Junior Solo. The Plant-Based Whopper can be enjoyed via dine-in, takeout, delivery, and drive thru. Orders can be made too via the BK app, and food delivery apps including LalaFood, foodpanda, and GrabFood.

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