Famous Foods in Bohol

The island province of Bohol is one of the Philippines’ most popular tourist destinations, well-known for its white sand beaches, famed Chocolate Hills, and cute tarsiers. But aside from the stunning sights, it offers amazing culinary destinations for foodies too!

Are you planning to visit this island in the Visayas in the future? Here’s a look at some of the most famous foods in Bohol and popular local delicacies that the province is known for.

Peanut Kisses

There are a lot of native treats and goodies you can take home from Bohol, but Peanut Kisses are definitely the most popular item for those looking for unique pasalubong.Inspired by thefamed Chocolate Hills, these crisp miniature cookies shaped like tiny hills are nutty and crunchy treats. You can buy this signature Boholano delicacy from souvenir stalls, supermarkets and souvenir shops all around the province. The treat is also used as a signature topping or flavor in local snacks and desserts like Peanut Kisses ice cream and Peanut Kisses Fruit Shakes.


Calamay is another popular food item commonly associated with Bohol. For those not familiar with it, calamay is a sweet, thick delicacy made of glutinous rice, coconut milk, brown sugar, and peanuts. It can be used as a spread on bread, topping for puto or rice cakes or eaten on its own if you really have a sweet tooth. Calamay is a specialty of the town of Jagna where tourists often find it uniquely packaged in coconut shells sealed with a red band and sold on the streets.

Sikwate (Hot Chocolate)

Aside from calamay, the town of Jagna is also well-known for producing one of the best types of tablea or ground-up cacao beans, in the country. Bohol’s version of sikwate or native hot chocolate is a well-loved breakfast drink in the province. For a sweet treat, sample a cup at Tablea de Maria Clara Café in Tagbilaran City along with rice delicacies, hot pan de sal or puto.

Chorizo de Bohol

Every province seems to have its own version of breakfast sausages, and Bohol is no exception. This pork sausage variant has a hint of garlicky and sweet flavors and comes in smaller casings shaped like round balls instead of the usual elongated style. Chorizo is often served in the staple breakfast silog dish along with fried rice and egg in eateries around the province.

Ice cream from The Buzzz Café

The Buzzz Café is an eatery, ice cream and souvenir shop along Alona Beach that serves products of Bohol Bee Farm, a resort and farm that specializes in honey-based products and organic dishes.

This homegrown establishment is famous for their homemade ice cream served in cassava cones. Take your pick from unique flavors such as malunggay, avocado, honey, spicy ginger, durian, dalandan, tomato, dragonfruit and more.

The restaurant overlooking the beach also serves organic dishes like salads drizzled with fresh vinaigrette, vegetable lasagna, squash muffins, and bread served with unique dips like pesto spread, malunggay spread and mango spread.

Be sure to look out for these famous foods in Bohol on your next vacation to this charming island province.

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