Get Your DIY Food Kits From These Shops

Photo by Twenty Four Bakeshop

If we were asked what’s that one place in the house where we spend most of our time these days, our answer would probably be the kitchen. This place has witnessed us whipping up new recipes or snacking non-stop at the most random time of the day. Knowing how to make your own meals and snacks in the kitchen can be fulfilling and fun, but sometimes, you just want to dig into your food without spending too much time preparing it.

It’s a good thing more ready-to-cook and do-it-yourself food kits are available these days! Here are stores that sell food kits, so you can prepare your own special drinks and snacks at home without hassle:

Twenty Four Bakeshop

Baking has become one of the favorite quarantine hobbies. If you’re still learning how to make your own baked goodies, then Twenty Four Bakeshop’s Ready-to-Bake Cookie Dough is perfect for you! Their cookie dough is vacuum-sealed and it comes in three flavors—Chocolate Chip, Triple Chocolate, and White Chocolate Macadamia. If you want to get a little more playful with your cookies, you also have the option to add 7 or 14 pieces of marshmallows to your kit! Each bag can make up to 13-14 pieces of regular size cookies. Skip the mess and enjoy your cookies straight from the oven!

The Essentials

Jamba Juice

Make your own smoothies à la Jamba Juice at home with their Live Fruitfully Kits! Each kit contains frozen fruit mixes that you can blend with other ingredients or use as toppings for healthy bowls. For every P300-kit, you will get two packs of Strawberry x Banana, one pack of Peach x Banana, Blueberry x Banana, and Pure Mango frozen fruits. In case you’re in the mood to make smoothies for the whole family to share, you can also get their 500g packs to make a big batch of smoothies! Their 500g packs are available in four different fruit mixes—Blueberry x Banana, Strawberry x Banana, Kale x Mango, and 5 Fruits Mix.

The Essentials

Moonleaf Tea Shop

Having milktea after your meal is one good way to treat yourself. It’s like a drink and dessert in one cup, and sometimes we just wish we could make it at home whenever we want to. With Moonleaf’s Make Your Own Milk Tea DIY Kit, treating yourself to a cup of milktea anytime you want is now possible! Each kit contains everything you need to make your own milktea at home: royal milk powder, brown sugar, wintermelon essence or chocolate powder, black pearls, black tea leaves, and a step-by-step guide. Enjoy your drink in two flavors: wintermelon and chocolate, and we’re hoping they add more options soon! Add this DIY Milktea Kit to your cart now on Shopee or Lazada!

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Polar Bear Kakanin Made Easy

Tired of the usual cookies and cakes for dessert? Switch things up and prepare a Filipino dessert for everyone at home with Polar Bear’s DIY Palitaw Kakanin Kit! This set is complete with ingredients needed to make your own palitaw: glutinous rice flour (malagkit powder), desiccated coconut, sesame seeds, and sugar, and a set of instructions. There’s no need to go out for a grocery because they deliver straight to your doorstep!

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