No Green Thumb? Here are Low-Maintenance Indoor Plants that can Withstand Abuse

For some, growing plants is as easy as breathing. Yet for some, planting seeds can be discouraging, with their greens turning lifeless every single time.

Save yourself the heartache. Try your hand first at these super low-maintenance indoor plants that are hardy enough to withstand the elements and knock-on-wood, neglect. Transform your home into a greener, lusher space in no time!


If you have a tendency to forget watering your plants, yucca might just be the plant for you. To keep it thriving, you just need three things: full sun, a deep pot to house its woody stem, a sporadic splash of water.

ZZ plant

Also called Fortune Tree, the ZZ plant (abbreviation of its scientific name, Zamioculcas zamiifolia) is popular in Feng Shui. Its stubby, plentiful leaves symbolize growth, fortune, and luck. It’s also favored both as indoor and outdoor plant for its ability to weather all kinds of abuse, be it an extreme or lows in sunlight or humidity.

Snake plant/ Mother-in-law’s Tongue

If you keep encountering snake plants, otherwise called Mother-in-law’s Tongue, in your feed, it’s because they are among the many plants that are near-indestructible. This stiff and flat sansevieria species can withstand a month-long drought and even shade. 

African spear/ Cylindrical snake plant

Another sansevieria variant, this is a good air humidifier. This snake plant is just as hardy as the Mother-in-law’s tongue and is very easy to propagate too. It can be placed in sun or shade, watered little or plenty, and even grow on either freezing or hot temperature. And it doesn’t even need repotting! Certainly something that beginners can work on. 


This no-fuzz organic moisturizer is ideal for soothing sunburns and wounds, plus it’s so easy to keep too. Place it on your bedside table or any area with indirect light. Water just once weekly or biweekly. 


Made easy-going and showy at the same time, the lush dieffenbachia plant, also called dumbcane, works well  in spots with filtered, like a curtained window. 


Bromeliads may be kind of flamboyant, but it doesn’t mean it’s high-maintenance. A cousin of the pineapple, this beaut loves humid temperatures, moisture, and bright, indirect sunlight. It also doesn’t like too much cold – making it perfect for a Filipino home!

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