Plant Care is Self-care: The Benefits of Surrounding Yourself with Plants

People started getting more gardening since the quarantine began in order to cope with the pandemic – and for many good reasons. Plants not only beautify the house, but they also purify the air we breathe and brighten our surroundings. Green spaces have also been proven to reduce stress and anxiety. In fact, according to Psychology Today, people who surround themselves with plant life and other forms of natural beauty experience positive emotional and mental health benefits, as well as improved social, psychological, physical, cognitive, environmental, and spiritual wellbeing.

Taking care of plants thus serves as a wonderful self-care tool. Here are some of the reasons why surrounding yourself with plants makes you feel better overall.

They offer companionship.

Aside from pets, plants can be great company. You can talk to them about anything and express what you feel without judgment.

Aside from sunlight, water, air, and nutrients, some studies also suggest that plant growth may be influenced by sound and vibration, including human voice. Therefore, communicating with plants or even humming is beneficial in both ways. So go on. Tell your plant a story today.

They generate happiness and positivity.

Spending time with plants provides a soothing effect on the body and mind, lowering stress levels, heart rate, and blood pressure. Plants radiate positive energy and happiness that can positively affect one’s outlook. In addition, indoor plants like aloe vera, jasmine, lavender, peace lily, and gardenia can help increase the quality of sleep, making them the perfect addition to your bedroom. Make it a habit to touch or greet your plants every morning!

They boost confidence.

Being a plant parent doesn’t end with buying expensive plants and displaying them around your house. Plant ownership is a responsibility. Similar to nurturing a baby or a pet, plants are also living things that need care and attention to survive. Observing plants grow can boost your confidence, as their transformation, in some ways, also mirrors your progress. It may not always be easy to maintain a plant or a garden, but there’s nothing like seeing new blooms or leaves sprout.

They improve creativity and productivity.

A view of nature, whether indoors or outdoors, can help you retain attention and optimism, especially when performing tasks. Plants aid in productivity, concentration, and memory retention. They are also aesthetically pleasing and add color to your workspace. Setting up some sort of greenery in your work area enhances creativity and provides a mental boost and drives inspiration

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