Seafood Restaurants Across the Philippines That Are Worth Trying

Photo by Owen's Eat All You Can

Craving a taste for crabs? Shellfish? The bounties of the sea? Then you’re in luck! Various local restaurants and eateries around the Philippines always welcome tourists and seafood lovers everywhere. Are you ready to satisfy your cravings? Here are 3 local seafood restaurants you may have not been to.

1. Owen’s Eat All You Can

Photo by Owen’s Eat All You Can

Usually served on a traditional bilao, Owen’s provides a variety of dishes to choose from. Ranging from their savory oysters to assorted kakanin, there is always a choice for every palate. The main attraction is definitely their all-you-can-eat seafood extravaganza.

For only ₱399 per person, guests can eat as much seafood as they want during lunch (11:00AM – 3:00PM) and dinner (6:00PM – 10:00PM). If you love the food that much, they also offer buffet catering services amounting to ₱15,000 for 50 people, inclusive of a free venue, design/decoration, and sound system.

If you’re passing by Iloilo and happen to be near the Atria Mall or Barangay Bito-on Jaro, Owen’s is definitely a stop you should definitely look out for.

The Essentials

2. Alavar Seafood Restaurant

Photo by Alavar Seafood Restaurant

Influenced by Spanish cuisine, this restaurant in Zamboanga captures the vibrant atmosphere of the area and its people. Its bestseller and delicacy, the Curacha crab, huge and usually found in the deep sea, is topped with mouthwatering special sauce. Between their main branch and the Paseo del Mar branch, the former allows guests to choose the size of the crab while the latter offers it in smaller servings. Though quite heavy on the budget, ranging between ₱850 – ₱1,050, it is worth every single peso.

If you’re looking for a taste of Spain, try their highly praised seafood paella or delight in their seafood platters that feature the best of their menu.

The Essentials

  • Business Name: Alavar Seafood Restaurant
  • Address: Don Alfaro St., Zamboanga City, Philippines
  • Contact Number(s): (062) 992 4533
  • Operating Hours: 10:00AM – 10:00PM (Mon – Sun)
  • Facebook Page Link
  • Google Maps Link

3. Driveway Larangan

Photo by Driveway Larangan

Affordable and delicious – that is what Driveway Larangan is all about. Located in Cebu City, this eatery offers all-you-can-eat-and-cook promos for ₱199 and ₱299. Most guests prefer to indulge in their unlimited siomai, pancit, shrimp, and dilis for ₱199, while those who opt for the more expensive option get to try their fish, pork shrimp sugba, and pusit. Scallops, one of their best sellers, goes by pretty quick, so you are lucky if you manage to order a few.

Keep in mind that this place does not have air conditioning and fly-free windows. Bringing plastic gloves to minimize mess is also an option since the sauce could get everywhere. Carry anti-mosquito cream, too!

The Essentials

  • Business Name: Driveway Larangan
  • Address (V Rama Branch): 518 Quijano Compound, V. Rama Ave. Calamba, Cebu City
  • Address (Ramos Branch): Arlington Pond, Ramos St., Cebu City
  • Contact Number(s): 0923 511 9938
  • Operating Hours: 10:00AM – 10:00PM daily (Mon – Sun)
  • Facebook Page Link
  • Google Maps Link

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