Worth the Trip: Crosta Pizzeria, Makati

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A bite into Crosta Pizzeria’s artisan sourdough pizza says it all: Happiness can be tasted in the form of food. Sharing This pizza place in Poblacion, Makati, is a frequented favorite as it tells a story and shares its happiness with every order they fulfill.

Only the best

Not one to compromise, Crosta Pizzeria only uses premium ingredients for their pizzas, from their handmade sourdough to toppings. Pizzas are baked in a traditional brick oven, giving it a chewy, airy bite that remain and delicious flavors that mesh well together.

Menu and bestsellers

Starting with only seven flavors, Crosta Pizzeria now offers 19 pizza flavors in its arsenal, including red sauce, white sauce, and vegan (dairy-free) options.

Crowd favorites include classic flavors such as Basic Bitch – their version of their margherita – and Pepperonley (pepperoni). You’d also like to try ECQ Special, which is stuffed with mozzarella, taleggio, fontina, and fresh garlic. For anchovy lovers, there’s Smells Fishy which has anchovies.

Unique, delectable flavors, such as Death by Hummucide, a hummus based pizza; and Tickle My Pickle with smoked sausage, pickled relish, onion, ketchup, and mustard, are also on offer.

Vegan pizzas

Not surprisingly, there are days when Crosta Pizzeria gets more vegan pizza orders than meat-topped ones. Coveted by vegan and non-vegans alike, Crosta’s vegan pizzas use a cashew-based cheese alternative and Beyond Meat sausages and patty. They have 17 flavors to choose from, with stuffed and non-stuffed options.

Crust us, it’s worth it

When it comes to crust, Crosta has its game face on. it’s crunchy on the outside and delightfully soft on the inside. Customers can choose to upgrade and order stuffed pizza. Options include the regular stuffed crust (artichoke with cheese) and special vegan stuffed crust with Beyond Meat.


Aside from their 11-inch circle pizzas, they now offer square pizzas, too! These are deep pan pizzas with a caramelized, buttery crust. Vegan and non-vegan options are available, too.

Key takeaway

The beautiful thing about pizza is it can be enjoyed alone or with company. The slices make it easy to share that even with quarantine measures in place, it can still be a household or a social staple. Crosta Pizzeria’s sourdough pizzas deliver the slice of life in any day and any event. You can order via their direct website, through Grabfood (long-distance delivery available), and FoodPanda.

The Essentials

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