14 Couriers Offering Same-Day Delivery in Metro Manila

With the pandemic, many online shops and take-out services enjoyed an increased demand in same-day delivery. These couriers make survival easy and within reach, in just a few taps on mobile apps.

To get orders in time, here are the best same-day couriers for you:

Angkas Padala

Since they use motorcycles, Angkas Padala is one of the fastest delivery services in the metro. Prioritizing urgency, convenience, and reliability, Angkas Padala makes delivery of food, documents, clothes, and other deliveries fast and easy. Not only do they offer Angkas Padala, they also offer Pabili Purchases for your food, groceries, hardware needs, and more.


For sending small goods, bulky and heavy parcels, valuables, food orders; to purchase goods, send business or personal deliveries, or “pretty much anything”, this is the best courier. Aside from scheduled motorbike deliveries, they have utility vans for commercial or lipat-bahay needs. For outside Metro Manila, no need to worry, as they deliver from Los Baños, Laguna down south; Paombong, Bulacan to Northern destinations; and Angono and General Rodriguez, Rizal to Eastern locations.


GrabExpress is one of the on-demand same-day carriers with real-time tracking, delivering with safety, convenience, and speed in mind. In just few clicks, you can send documents, parcels, and gifts to business partners or loved ones, and track your delivery in real time.

Other than GrabExpress, they also offer:

  • GrabExpress Lite for point-to-point orders
  • GrabAssistant to buy items (Pabili) or queue (Papila) in line
  • Cash on Delivery (Beta) to collect cash from your recipient upon delivery of the package.


For a fast, reliable delivery and Pabili, JoyRide has been helpful to our Kasundo community. As seen on the mobile application, they also have taxicles. They “move anything” from food, groceries, and documents to large items not exceeding 12 kilograms in and 17x15x10 inches in dimension. For business owners who are partnered with JoyRide, they ask no commission or percentage, just the delivery fee from the customers.


MrSpeedy can do Pabili Service, Cash-on-Delivery, and other special requests you have with or without a registered account. They have an option for scheduled delivery to multiple addresses (up to three), which is useful in saving on shipping costs if you have several pickups and drop of. If you need assistance, they have an in-app chat that typically replies within 2 minutes. Their base fare is P60 + P6 per km.

My Kuya

While other couriers’ costs vary from location, MyKuya service mostly depends on the estimated time of service. Use the in-app timer to indicate how long the task will take, and they’ll provide the total cost.

To book, simply input your instructions and how long it will take to finish, and a trained Kuya or Ate will be matched for you.


If you’re looking for an app with great customer service, look no further than Transportify. They are best recommended for shoppers requiring bulky or heavy grocery items such as water, canned goods, diapers, toilet paper, drinks, and snacks. They use cars, SUVs, and vans for delivery/.

Happy Move

Happy Move works against rude drivers, unreliable movers, and late and lost deliveries. Simply choose your desired vehicle – motorcycles, sedans, vans, even delivery trucks depending on the nature of your item – key in your details, wait for an available driver to fetch you, and then track your package.

Can Can Delivery

Can Can cares from deliveries, marketplace, business bookings, cash handling and pabili service. To get started booking on your app, describe your item’s size, weight and quantity. Just make sure the item fits their insulated box dimension of 18x18x18. They also have partner restaurants you can choose from for delivery.

Move It

Determined to be at the forefront of logistics and transport, Move It provides consumers an innovative, responsive, and easy-to-use app. Convenience is their currency. Their services include delivery and Pabili Service, Cash On Delivery Service, Cargo Delivery Service; Move It Cloud Mall for food, groceries, apparel, handbags, electronics, home hoods, pharmacy, and others; and Move It Skilled Services, which connects you with electricians, plumbers, carpenters and other manual laborers.

Gogo Express

GoGo does not charge any extra fees for COD. Their friendly rate starts at 80 pesos – including item protection from loss or damage of up to a maximum of ₱500 for free. If your item is not delivered on time, you’ll also get a rebate.


Whether you need a lift for lipat-bahay, store pickup, scheduled delivery, pet shuttle, catering, or a bazaar, “there’s a Mober for every reason.” Choose from a utility van or a large truck to ensure your large and bulky items are hauled using a spacious and well-protected insulated vehicle – no sedans or motorcycles.


Byaheros features a wide local pool of delivery riders and truckers. Aside from Motorcycle Express Delivery, they have also Premium Trucking Service. Choose from AUV L300/H100, 6W Closed Van, 6W Forward, or 10W Wing Van.


MetroMart delivers items to your doorstep within 90 minutes, unless you’re ordering from multiple stores. They also offer cash on delivery and credit card for payments. Plus, for every friend you refer, you will receive a reward.

If you’re hungry or have a package for delivery, let these couriers help you in just a few taps!

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